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So, y’all were very curious as to the blogger who interviewed me was and you gave me a lot of feedback that you loved the interview she did. So it pretty much made sense that I should feature her as well in order to give you an inside glimpse into the fab life that she leads! Y’all check out her blog ADayintheFabLife.com and her insta (@needahammer) for even more about her beyond this interview.



1.     Ok so what’s your 30 second elevator pitch. Ready, set, go!


Rachel: Hey whatsup hello…Rach here, I’m a 23 year old, fresh-out-of-training public accountant. Before you snooze off tho – I also moonlight as a FAB blogger. I hail from a beach town on the East Coast, Wilmington, North Carolina, but currently am based out of a Raleigh office for one of a international Public Accounting firms. I’m pretty quirky, and definitely not your stereotypical “accountant-type” (but y’all need to go see that movie!



  1. So I know you just finished the MAC program at NC State and started your new job (For privacy’s sake I won’t name who they are but it is Big 4 soooooo) How are you finding entering the “Adult World” full time? And are there any tips you want to give those soon to be in your shoes?


Rachel: It’s been a challenge! My 1st day I was flown down to Atlanta for training (super fun, but talk about a fast-lane) and then after training I had a week in the Raleigh office of my client before packing up and going on another trip to the Midwest for several weeks. It’s so funny you ask my advice because I seriously am still in that awkward phase where I still have no idea what’s going on and I’m just winging it….ok not really, but ASK questions! Don’t be afraid to be yourself and say, “hey I saw this briefly in school, but what the heck do you want me to actually do here??”And say yes to strange, different, and honestly some challenging opportunities. It’ll make you grow.



3. How do you manage to study for the CPA exam, have time to blog, and still be fun and social?


Rachel: Umm…I don’t sleep & recently discovered coffee? Lol no, but really I’ve learned the power of saying “no.” Do I wish I had more time to spend with my friends? Of course! But do my real friends know that I’m working hard to accomplish personal goals and that being a #BossLady isn’t going to come without hard work? They do! So yes, I don’t party as much as I did in college, but it’s ok because I know I’m working towards something much, much greater.



4. How did you get into this whole “blogger/Instagramer/social media influencer” thing?  And what’s the entire idea behind your blog?
Rachel: A lot of my readers don’t know this, but REAL TALK, ADayintheFabLife.com all started when I actually got dumped! I was dating this guy for a few months, really liked him, and out of the blue he basically ghosted me! It totally sucked, but I was like F-that, how can I turn this situation into something funny and hilarious and learn something. Enter BUMBLE. Downloaded it, decided to do this “Social Experiment” and go on 5 Bumble dates in 5 days and figure out what I did and didn’t want in my next relationship. I didn’t want anything serious or to rush into another relationship, but it was just SO fun to meet new people and explore different places in my city. My roommate at the time was like “you should make a blog about this!” BOOM, it was born.


It was TOTALLY anonymous at first, and then I gradually let a few of my good friends know, and then the rest of the world. I never expected people to actually read it, but I was so shocked how many people I didn’t really know that well found it and were like “you are hilarious and REAL AF – keep writing”.
The “Fab Life” idea came about because whenever something went WRONG in my life, I’d be like, “it’s fine, whatever, I’m too Fabulous to be sad”. Like chin up sister (& mister), YGG, you’re FAB.



  1. Did you ever picture your whole blog-thing turning into a way to make $$$? What’s your vision for where the blog is going to go?

Rachel: Nooo way. At the time I followed a few fashion bloggers and never thought “oh that’s something I want to do” because honestly I think a lot of them just post pretty pictures of themselves and their done…like I’m sorry but YAWN, I’m bored with that. Tell me a story. Make me laugh. That’s what makes me different from other bloggers – I can make you laugh!

Vision for ADayintheFabLife.com : be so real it hurts. I want to be that chick that’s like “yo THIS is the outfit you should wear when you ask your Boss to let you have 2 weeks vacay after you’ve only been working a month” or “What to wear when you run into THAT Ex”. Because as women, this ish MATTERS. I’m tired of seeing bloggers feature outfits that normal, everyday, 9-5 women can’t wear IRL. Like I’m all about ripped jeans & crop tops, but Homegirl can’t wear that to the Office.


6. Tell me more about that killer Bumble event you planned? How did that all come about?
Rachel: I slid into their DMs. Not even kidding. Ask and you shall receive. PS: we’re hosting another Bumble BFF event for my ladies in Raleigh-Durham and you can find info about it here.



7. Define “YoPro”:
Rachel: Someone 22-29 that’s worked their booty off in school, graduated and works a “white-collar” desk job. Said job may or may not cause individual to desire glasses of wine post-work 😉



8. It’s Monday morning. Your alarm goes off. You…?
Rachel: Allow myself 1 snooze, then get the freak up & going. I NEVER thought this would happen, but I’m slowly becoming a morning person! Like today I legit woke up at 6:30am on my own…I was like “um does this mean I’m an adult now?” Depending on your industry, I recommend becoming a morning person – I hate feeling rushed, so when I wake up and can leisurely get ready for the Office, I feel less stressed & more excited about actually being there. Breakfast (& mornings) are arguably the most important part of your day and can seriously set the whole tone. DON’T SKIP breakfast! You need that brain-fuel.




9. How do you stay Fab & Fit while working that 9-5?
Rachel: SALADS. I eat gluten-free, and honestly eating according to the Paleo diet has really worked for me! I really don’t have THAT much time to workout, so I focus on eating very whole and natural foods, and I stay away from processed foods (but I am obsessed with these organic Reese cups called “Justin’s”)! If I’m stressed, a run always helps me relax and I do try to workout 3-4 times a week either in the gym or a fun workout class with friends.



  1. No.1 tip for those newbies entering Corporate America life?

Rachel: It’s SO cliché, but be a sponge. Who knows if I’ll stay at my frim and make Partner, but I’m sure as heck planning on absorbing every single ounce of knowledge these first few years and taking it with me wherever I go – be it Partner-track or founding my own startup. Networking it huge! You seriously never know where people you start with will end up in a few years. They may be the very investors you pitch your future product or idea to in 10-20 years, so always, always be a genuinely kind person to everyone.


11. What’s your 10 year plan (if it’s kosher to ask)?
Rachel: HOPEFULLY no one from my company is reading this, but I’d like to stay in Public Accounting 2-5 years and then go do something SUPER super random, crazy and brilliant. The founder of S’well water bottles, Sarah Kauss, is seriously #goals. She worked in Public Accounting for 2 years, then got her MBA from Harvard Business, and now she’s the Founder & CEO of her own company that’s impacting the world and environment.



12. How would you describe your personal style?
Rachel: It’s funny because at work I’m this SUPER Corporate accountant-Rachel wearing pencil skirts and pumps & then when I’m with my friends I’m the quirky, entrepreneurial, budding blogger-Rach who dresses much more trendy/edgy and ALWAYS wears a choker. Currently dreaming of the day when these 2 sides can merge. 



13. No. 1 fashion tip for all the ladies out there?
Rachel: Seriously, DON’T underestimate confidence (or a good choker). I’ve worn dresses I bought at Goodwill but I accessorize well, and I “own it”, so people end up being like “OMG where’s that dress from?” Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE classic pieces and highly recommend every woman have severalllll versions of the “little black dress” (you need a work-LBD, a Date-night LBD, a Saturday-afternoon-running-errands LBD…I could go on!) but whatever you wear, you need to just own it and think to yourself “I look freaking FAB today”. I promise other people will notice too.



14. What’s your opinion on Raleigh, NC as a whole? No.1 boozy brunch spot in Ralz?
Rachel: Raleigh was a great city to attend college in, the rent is much cheaper than several other cities, & in the past few years it’s been on a lot of those Forbes “Best Cities for Millennials” type lists. I’ve noticed a lot more tech- startups enter the Research Triangle area in my past 5 years living here, so I can def say it is a growing place, especially for those in engineering and tech.
Tupelo Honey is an AMAZING Southern brunch chain…lets just say after a few Mega-Mosas here, and some flirting with the waiter, my friends and I walked out with a jar of THE Tupelo Honey (ask for it on biscuits – it tastes like Heaven!)


Keep up with her adventures at ADayintheFabLife.com and on Instagram @needhammer! Seriously feel free to message me her questions y’all! (Straight from Rachel)


Stay FAB Joseph!


Rach (Also clearly from Rachel)


Hope everyone loved the interview as much as I did! This is what happens when #YoPros Unite. And as Rachel says “Always deuces”




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