Working for the Weekend


Well everyone. The time has finally come. The time for vacation to be over and for Joseph to finally enter the adult working world! It’s been a nice ride so far. Actually, it’s been an amazing little break from when I finished school to when I started work. I’ve been able to accomplish a lot of personal goals, have some fun, and most importantly spend time with friends and family that I won’t be seeing as often because of work. However, I am extremely excited to start my career and to really put the skills and experiences I’ve gained to the test! It all started with my onboarding that actually took place in Raleigh, NC. I was ecstatic to return to my home state so that I could see my family before the first official day of my full-time career. And of this course I have to incorporate fashion into this post in some way! So here’s my outfit for my first day of work as a proper adult! The dress code for the day was business casual, which is a blog post in-and-of-itself, and I went for a Ralph Lauren dress shirt and blazer paired with Calvin Klein dress pants with the perfect fit! To finish off the outfit I have these monk strap shoes from Banana Republic, brief case from Brooks Brothers, pocket square from Ralph Lauren, and a classic Tar Heel lapel pin!



Onboarding wasn’t the most exciting time due to the extensive amounts of paperwork, however, it was helpful and completely necessary. The week was abbreviated and I spent 2 days in the Land of the Pines before returning to Atlanta to finish my first full week. This led into my second week of consulting specific training, which was held in Baltimore, Maryland.



I’d been to Baltimore before as a child, but this time things were definitely different. Being there for work gave me the opportunity to stay right next to the Orioles stadium, as well as easy access to the Inner Harbor! But perhaps my favorite thing about the city is the seafood! This lobster from Phillips was to-die-for, albeit a little messy. However, it was worth the mess (and the stains) for this scrumptious meal!



Training lasted for 4 days total, but the best part was getting to meet and bond with the fellow graduates that make up my specific program. We were on various project teams throughout the week and I got to meet other consultants staffed all around the country.



During our various nights in town we were able to explore the various neighborhoods of Baltimore, as well as the various bar and food experiences they have. The harbor itself was a lot of fun and quite pretty at night.



And we were lucky enough to be right across the street during a 3 game Orioles series! Our hotel had the most amazing views from the gym and executive lounge, so I got to squeeze a workout in while seeing some great baseball!



The last cool thing that went down, besides all the learning during training, was us getting to visit the 13th oldest bar in America, The Horse You Came In On. It had a really interesting vibe and some great drinks! It was moderately dead because it was a Monday night, but I loved getting a taste of some history!


Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my first two weeks of work. I came in with a lot of questions, and I’m happy to say that they’ve been answered! I’m beginning to love the company I’m with, and I absolutely admire the co-workers that I have met. I’m excited to begin my first project and continue my learning, as well as get the opportunity to make some real impact for the various clients I will be working on. I’m intrigued to see where all this goes, but I do know that whatever happens I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given!




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