What to Wear Today: Your Boldest Pair of Pants

Fall may have passed us by in what seemed like a flash and now we are in the dead of winter, freezing our butts off depending where you live. Even I, being based in Atlanta, have gotten some true winter weather and have begun pulling out coats and layering my outfits.



But one thing that I strive to do during the winter months is to inject some life into my clothes, into what could otherwise be a sea of dark colors, barely any patterns, and honestly clothes that are as dreary as the weather itself! As a result, my suggestion is to wear your brightest pair of pants today to mix things up a bit!



I opted for this mustard yellow pair from Club Monaco, go for their Connor fit for the slimmest pair they have, which really added a pop of color to the overall outfit!



Now understandably, this mustard yellow is a bit more of a fall color, but don’t be limited by the season! Honestly, you can where pretty much whatever you want as long as you style it correctly for the situation and season.



 For me, living in Atlanta has a few benefits in terms of this outfit. First, winter in Atlanta is definitely on the milder side, which usually allows you to be a bit more free with the colors that are “acceptable” to wear. So, this yellow went over great and popped enough to be interesting but wasn’t out of place in the city.



 To go with these statement pants I opted for a textured navy blazer, that actually has some really interesting speckles of white and gray mixed in, and basic white shirt so as not to overwhelm the outfit, a blue, white, and silver tie with some shine but not too much, and accessories to fit into the whole theme.



 All of my accessories are silver and match one another and I opted for a fun lapel pin in the actual shape of a rose and is all metal. I feel low-key awful because I actually can’t remember which brand this is from. BUT when I do I wholeheartedly recommend them because this lapel pin looks great and is so unique! You can also slightly see my boots in this photo, brown with laces and side zippers.



Now, if you are in a colder climate I would definitely recommend adding a coat onto this outfit so that you don’t freeze. If I needed to wear one I would have gone with a simple navy peacoat. But one suggestion to jazz up your navy peacoat is to change out the buttons to something you love! I have my eye on some bold buttons that will definitely add some pop to that classic piece.



So take a chance and be bold with your choices! Take a pair of pants you don’t regularly wear and make a statement! Remember, just because it is winter doesn’t mean that your colors are limited. There are tons of ways to throw in some fun colors and liven up your winter wardrobe.




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