What to Wear: New Year’s Eve Edition


 To start, I have to wish everyone happy holidays! I have a special place in my heart for everyone that reads and shares my blog and follows me across my social media platforms! I have an inherent love for fashion, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share the styles that I discover and love with all of you. I love hearing your feedback, and I definitely strive to bring you all the best content that I can, as well as to keep my fashion as close to my personal style as I can demonstrate and really show you who I am! So, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed some much needed time, amazing food, and of course quality time with your families!



 Now onto today’s topic, what to wear for New Year’s Eve celebrations! I personally LOVE the holiday season and New Year’s fashion because you’re really able to incorporate pieces that encourage dressing up. As you all know, I absolutely love getting dressed up and putting on a tie, so this time of year is really my jam. I wear such fun seasonal clothing and can bring out some statement making pieces for all the parties I attend!



 And since I love the fashion during this time of year I decided to bring you all an early sneak peek into what I’m planning on wearing to ring in the New Year. This tuxedo from Paisley & Gray has been one of my FAVORITE fashion finds in the last few months! I can’t wait to make a splash at the New Year’s party I’m attending in this outfit and I’ll explain why clothes from Paisley and Gray are perfect for whatever New Year’s gathering you’re attending!



 First, I want to tell you all a bit more about Paisley & Gray and why they should be your go to brand for well-tailored suits that are perfect for young professionals!



 As we all know, tailoring and fit are two of the most important components in men’s fashion right now. No guy wants to be walking around in clothing that doesn’t fit and pants and jackets that are just way to big for him or that don’t fit his form. To me, there is literally nothing worse than a baggy suit. And Paisley & Gray really understands this. The fit on every piece I’ve worn from them is impeccable, slim yet not skin tight like you get with a lot of other brands targeted towards younger people.



  This year, I’ll be rocking this Black Watch Plaid tuxedo by this wonderful brand and I couldn’t be happier! Black Watch Plaid is actually one of my favorite seasonal patterns because I love the heritage behind it and the formality that it brings to what you’re wearing.



 Another reason I love Paisley & Gray has to do with their understanding of what guys want in fashion these days. To me, men’s fashion is all about looking good and being able to stand out! Personally, I hate the idea that you have to dress conservatively when you go to work. I understand that there is a time and place to wear experimental clothing or clothes that are a bit loud and out there. However, I also think that you should be able to inject personality into what you where, even at work. Paisley & Gray gets this 100% and they make all kinds of pieces, in their more ready-to-wear collection, that are great for the office, yet still have a personality to them and make a statement!



 But today I’m focusing on their formal wear! They have a lovely range of tuxedos and dinner jackets that you can wear during this season! Check out the collection here!



  With my favorite new tux I paired a pointed bow tie with polka dots and a silk pocket square from Rampley & Co.


  My other accessories include these studs and cuff links that have a black enamel face. With these I wore my black leather banded Brooks Brothers watch. It’s the perfect watch for formal wear because of the alligator band, as well as the elegant square face.



 But I do also want to mention that just because this is a more seasonal tux, that doesn’t mean that you’re limited with the number of times you can wear it. More and more in men’s fashion you are able to mix and match different pieces to create different looks. Separates are huge and you could easily take this tux jacket and dress it down with a pair of jeans.



 Additionally, you could just as easily take the pants from this tuxedo and wear them to work with a solid white button down and a sweater for a great office look!



Then you also can consider all of the different formal events that happen during this time of year! For me, I swear at least 15 of my friends got engaged during the holiday season, that means a ton of winter weddings are going to be in store for the coming year. You’ll be able to wear this awesome tux to these weddings for sure! Other times you can wear this include holiday mass potentially, obviously New Year’s like I’m planning to do, holiday parties, your office Christmas party (depending on the level of formality), winter galas or charity events, if you live in NYC the opera, etc. Truly the list goes on and on!



 This tux, and other pieces from Paisley & Gray, are shoppable via this link! There’s a mixture of formal wear pieces, as well as more office appropriate jackets on that link! Plus, Paisley & Gray has ventured into the neckwear side of things and have some great knit ties that are perfect for the remainder of this winter!



 I rounded out this outfit with these shoes from Giorgio Brutini! Smoking slippers are probably one of my favorite men’s shoes right now and they make the perfect finishing touch to formal looks! This pair has an interesting blue/green kind of sheen to it, which is why I paired it with the Black Watch plaid. The two together really play up the colors that are dominant in this plaid. My socks are Ralph Lauren and have a simple crest on them to have some interest but not be too crazy.



So that’s the look for my New Year’s Eve! I loved shooting with this tux and I am literally in love with it. I really don’t think you understand why I’m such a big fan of Black Watch Plaid and Paisley & Gray! Seriously, check them out for some great pieces for you young professionals!


And of course, I hope you all have a magnificent time ringing in the New Year!




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