Wear “Fun” Wednesday

Hump day has arrived yet again, and we are all just waiting for the weekend to come because Labor Day is upon us and that means a 3 day weekend! Today was unfortunately a rainy day at the Hill, but I counteracted it with some “fun!” Fun style clothing, the style which my polo is, has literally been everywhere in men’s fashion lately. Brooks Brothers and Vineyard Vines in particular have been pushing this trend forward and it is hugely popular with college students, especially those in fraternities or who have preppy style leanings. It is such an easy way to spark a conversation with your outfit and liven up your overall look. Some people shy away from this style because they immediately think it is either too much or that it screams “FRATSTAR.” But that is not the case if you pair it correctly. The way I wore it today could definitely be construed as preppy, but by going with a neutral short and shoe you can tone down this look so it isn’t completely over-the-top. And you can lessen the “frattiness” of the look even more by pairing it with jeans and a boot of some type.

But no matter what your personal style is, this kind of polo is the perfect way to show your carefree side and instantly add some fun to your day!



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