~Watch~ Out: Mad Style is Here


Watch game strong. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when you browse through the watch section of Mad Style’s website. And in this blog and photo shoot I am emphasizing the watch that I picked up from their website not too long ago. The website features a ton of options but I went for the burgundy one that I’m rocking in these photos. You can shop the link here  for the exact watch that I am wearing, and of course you should use my promo code jlucido to get an extra 20% off of your purchase, which is pretty awesome with their already super reasonable prices on the site.



Now some of you might be thinking to yourselves, “Wait a second, that watch is burgundy and could be hard to wear.” Well to those of you mulling that over in your heads, I would say no! In fact this watch is very easy to wear and extremely versatile. I’ve styled it with two looks in this post to show how it can be worn with many different options in your closet. This blue plaid sport coat, as well as the solid tan sport coat, both look great with the watch (but of course it works great with a casual outfit that’s really simple like a solid white shirt, black jeans, and some Chelsea boots).



To give a few more outfit details the tan jacket is from Ralph Lauren (shop similar and on sale here) and the blue plaid blazer is from Paisley and Gray. And since Paisley and Gray has launched the e-commerce site you can get the exact jacket here! The navy dress pants are from Banana Republic and the button down is Calvin Klein. If you’re interested in the other accessories feel free to message me, but for this post I really wanted to focus on the watch and how it is such an attention grabber!



But Mad Style isn’t only responsible for having fun watches that you can work into your wardrobe. They have a ton of other accessories, such as belts, wallets, sunglasses, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and so on, that guys can wear for various parts of their lives. I can’t wait to check out and style more of their stuff!

Don’t forget to visit the website and shop around! If I didn’t go for the burgundy watch I probably would have opted for this classic square faced watch with a leather band. And when you do some shopping remember to save 20% with my code jlucido!



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