Viva Mexico

Mexico. A place I’ve long wanted to visit but have never had the chance to. UNTIL NOW! That’s right! JRL is taking Cancun by storm and here is the first blog post on what’s been going down in Cancun!



 So. First some backstory. Joseph had vacation days but said vacation days expired at the end of the year and don’t roll over. Meaning Joseph needed to take these days before 2017 rolled around. And of course I wanted to spend Christmas (my favorite holiday) with the family in North Carolina, so it only made sense to take the vacay before Christmas and head straight to NC after I returned from Mexico!



 To start I am working with the Cancun Tourism Board and the Riu hotel chain! Both helped to put together this amazing vacation for me! The gorgeous hotel I am staying at is Riu Palace Las Americas in Cancun and lordy is it wondrous!




The private beach is amazing and the water is crystal clear! Also, compared to the other beaches at different resorts this one is pristinely clean! I’m not a big complainer but other beaches are littered with seaweed, which is fine because it is the ocean, but there is NONE on this beach. The staff here is so diligent about everything!



I’ve basically been here for 1 1/2 days but already love it (what isn’t there to love about all inclusive resorts though?). There is a club in the hotel with live entertainment every night and of course my friend and I attended the show and ventured out to see Cancun nightlife for ourselves during our first night.



Here is a view of the pool at night! Kind of gorgeous and one of several pools on the property.



 Another benefit of booking at a Riu property is that it gives you access to other Riu properties in the area. Meaning that I can go to ones nearby and enjoy all the perks I do at this one. Great for a change of scenery!



 There is also a wide array of activities going on every day! From beach volleyball, to darts and pool, to aerobics, to yoga! Think of something and 97% the staff will offer it here! So you’ll definitely be kept entertained during your stay!



And of course the all important aspect of food! There are (I think) 8 restaurants on this property, 5 bars, and A COFFEE SHOP. Y’all I have my own personal barista! Like what! They just make me coffee whenever I want #thedream The cuisine types vary and I have been pleased thus far! On our first night we opted for the Japanese restaurant and on our second night we did Mexican. All of the food is super fresh and they also have guac available 24/7. Major perk in my opinion!



So that’s where we are right now. We haven’t done THAT much in all honesty besides eating, drinking, and soaking up the sun. BUT this is a vacation so what more can you expect? Don’t worry though, we have booked trips to Tulum and Chichen Itza so there will be some culture garnered during this vacation!




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