Turning 25 with Calichi at Picture Point

Hello friends! It has been a minute, and that’s completely on me! It has been almost 8 months since my last blog post, still of course active on Instagram but this platform has sadly fallen off. BUT, I am trying to change that and bring back this kind of content, which I know a lot of you enjoyed and reached out to me about.

And I can’t think of a better occasion to blog about than my 25th birthday! Yes, I in fact have turned 25, reached a quarter of a century, etc. It’s a known fact that I always do up my birthday in a BIG way. And 25 was no exception. In fact I did it the biggest than any birthday in recent memory. I had a party (featuring 4 cakes and my apartment full to the brim with friends), several birthday month outings (Outsidelands, pre birthday dinners, etc.), and truly wrapped it up with a trip to St. John USVI with my family (sans dad because he sadly couldn’t make it)!



So I wanted this blog post to be about me turning 25, but also about the amazing place that I got to ring in my birthday! We were wondering where a good place to celebrate my birthday would be and we immediately thought St. Thomas or St. John, plus there were great flight deals to St. Thomas so that helped. But when we found out about Calichi at Picture Point we knew that it was the perfect place! The very first photo in this post is the stunning view that you can see from each villa on the property, so yes, this place it extremely special!



A few things to call out about St. John before I go more in depth about Calichi. First, to get to St. John you have to fly into St. Thomas and then make your way to St. John via ferry (cheapest and easiest method in my opinion). When in St. John we highly recommend renting a car (Jeep Wranglers are the most popular it appeared) to get around the island effectively. Third, you can either set up yourself with some groceries at the various stores on the island, or set up with the team at Calicihi and they will make sure that you have everything you could want or need waiting for you at your villa!


Now back to this magical place. We arrived at our villa and our mouths immediately dropped! Look. At. This. View. It was just unreal!



We spent a total of 5 nights in St. John at Calichi, and while we were there we were staying in the Orchid Villa. The complex features 4 different villas that you can choose from, and all of them have access to the beautiful infinity pool, barbecue area, and putting green on the property. Calichi is also conveniently located to Coral Bay, which is an area that has several wonderful restaurants and another market. We stopped by here for dinner a few of the nights that we stayed, and would often return for a night swim and after dinner drinks! St. John is truly an ideal place to rest and relax, which means that things often die down early. Most restaurants close at 9, the bars close at 10, except downtown, and people tend to return to their villas to enjoy more familial bonding.


The island of St. John is small, but it features several picture perfect beaches! Some of these include Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay, Cruz Bay, and Reef Bay! We ventured to these a few of the days we were on the island, but honestly with a pool that looks like this we didn’t really need to leave Calichi at Picture Point!



Some other highlights of Calichi include:

  1. The stunning kitchens, which are great for cooking if you want to bond as a family and make some meals together
  2. The property is solar powered and has panels on the roofs of all the villas
  3.  You can see the British Virgin Island (a different country) from every villa
  4. It is the highest and largest private pool complex on the island
  5. There is a hot tub and the lap pool is ideal for a swim workout (plus it is heated to the perfect temperature)
  6. Every villa is fully stocked with anything you might need (including coolers, beach chairs, floaties, etc. that you can bring to the beach with you)!
  7. The View
  8. The View
  9. The View
  10. Did we mention the View? Because truly the property is amazing and is a feat of design since it at one of the highest points on the island, which results in a stunning sunrise, sunset, and all day views that are unparalleled!



We had the most amazing stay with Calichi at Picture Point and I am so thankful that we were able to stay here and that my mom and my sister could travel over to celebrate my 25th birthday!



If you all are looking for an amazing beach retreat and a gorgeous property to celebrate a special occasion (important birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, etc.) then I highly recommend Calichi! St. John is one of those places that people fall in love with, we certainly did, and with a view and amenities like the ones Calichi has to offer it isn’t hard to see why!




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