The Lucido Life Holiday Gift Guide

Happy holidays everyone! We are officially in the thick of my favorite season and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! I have returned back home (Raleigh, NC) for Christmas, and I’m also finally ready to release my holiday gift guide. This year I shopped Bed Bath & Beyond as my one stop shop for all gifts for the important people in my life! Shopping online and in-store made my life so easy this holiday season because there is literally a gift for EVERYONE on your list that you can find here, which I am going to walk you through in this post. (Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond but all opinions given are honest)

First, we have a plethora of bar gifts, which I think is such a versatile gift that can be given to any number of people. For me, I would gift a bar set like these tools and ice bucket to a close friend, co-worker, or friend that you know has a bar cart or is into mixology in some way. It’s an impeccable gift that anyone would absolutely love (screams adult and is perfect for that dinner party that you’ve been wanting to host).

Then we also have the decanter, glass set, and tray pictured in the background. I personally LOVE a good decanter and I think it adds some great flare to any household. Depending on the quality of decanter this could be a gift for a wide range of people on your list. All of which you can easily find at Bed Bath & Beyond, along with a ton of options in each product category so you can find what matches the style you’re looking for.

Next we bring you to the dinner table, which is designed with products that are all available at Bed Bath & Beyond. An Instagrammable table design is so key during the holidays and Bed Bath & Beyond has you covered! Whether you want to gift someone a new set of dinnerware, place settings, decorative napkin rings (which I have gotten as a gift and absolutely loved), candlesticks, or stemware it is all available.

However, you might be asking, “Joseph, who should I be giving these things to?” SO glad you asked. Dinnerware = siblings/friends who have moved to a new city. Place Settings = co-workers, friends whose places you have been to who you noticed need some, younger siblings who are on their way to adulting. Napkin rings = anyone you think is cool. Candlesticks and Stemware = parents, they can never have too many of either of these!

Another occasion that many people have to get gifts for this season is for an office/friend gift exchange, or a White Elephant of sorts. Usually you have price limits for these exchanges, but you also want to make sure you get a good gift for the exchange that a co-worker or pal of yours would want to go home with. In comes Bed Bath & Beyond to help you out! They have gifts in basically every price range, just like this pineapple tumblr that is both adorable and affordable! Plus there are gifts in a ton of different departments, such as skin care, travel gadgets, and fun kitchen appliances, that you can get in a similar $25 or under price range!

And now we have arrived at that showstopper gift for that especially important person in your life. This could be a parent, a sibling, partner, etc. Whoever it is, this is that big present that you save for very last when they think that they’ve just finished opening all their presents.

Kitchen Aid is so well known for being the THING for someone who is into baking or wants to get started in this world, and Bed Bath & Beyond has an amazing selection of Kitchen Aids, in truly every color you could imagine! Not to mention during the holidays they have great deals on these that I’ve never seen at other stores that sell Kitchen Aid! There are a couple of different size options that you can pick from (3.5, 5, 6 quarts, etc.) Deciding on which size to gift is really all about how much the person will be making at any given time. To be honest, if this is a gift for someone who is just an enthusiastic baker and not trying to be a professional then the 3.5 or 5 size is perfect. BUT you can get the bigger one as well because the deals are really so good!

Another great part of this gift is that it opens up so many other worlds of cooking with all the attachments that can be used with a Kitchen Aid (pasta making, vegetable peeling, and so many more)! So it really is the gift that keeps on giving!

And with that, #TheLucidoLife gift guide is complete, with a special thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond for making my life so easy this holiday season, so I can really enjoy being back home with family after so long!


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