The Art of Sound Experience

Arizona is definitely best known for being the Grand Canyon state, however, I’ve been a few times and can report that there is a lot more going on here than just the Grand Canyon!

For this adventure, I was visiting Scottsdale, Arizona for the #ArtofSoundExperience which was an amazing event dedicated to experiencing sound on another level with LCM Home Entertainment and some of the amazing brands they carry, such as Sonus Faber, Audio Research, and McIntosh!



I flew into Phoenix and made my way over to Scottsdale and Hotel Valley Ho, the place that I would call home for the next few days. The hotel is great, very relaxing, and a historic landmark in its own right. When I arrived at the hotel I took in my beautiful room then made a beeline to the pool where I found this awesome mural! I think every city has some version of this, but you’ve still gotta love it!



After a couple of hours baking in the sun, whoops, I started to venture to Oldtown Scottsdale, which has a shocking number of art galleries! All of this went down before our first official press group dinner!



But before that we stopped by the Frank Lloyd Wright house that was serving as one of the chief venues throughout our weekend. We took a tour of this beautiful mansion to see the stunning views it has to offer, as well as the wonderful aspects that make it a one-of-a-kind building! Plus, it’s on the market so if you have around $3 million it can be yours!



Once we concluded our tour of the mansion we made our way to downtown Phoenix for dinner, which was in the arts district. I was pleasantly surprised by how developed the art scene is and how much is done in Phoenix to foster local talent. They even have rent controlled and subsidized apartments specifically for artists across the street from where we had dinner. I think this is apparent in the quality of art that is displayed in galleries across the city, and I have to commend the efforts that so many people in the city have shown to make this the case.



The next morning we made our way to a welcome brunch at Studio 3125, one of the premier design studios in Phoenix. The space acts as a showroom for various luxury furniture companies and is one of the most perfectly laid out spaces that I have ever seen.



From there, we toured around various parts of the city and visited a museum or two. We then returned back to get ready for the main event, the party at the Frank Lloyd Wright house to celebrate sound and the visionaries behind these sounds brands that are doing such amazing things. At Hotel Valley Ho I took a bath in my lovely tub and got ready for that night’s festivities.



The party featured tunes flowing from some dynamic Sonus Faber speakers, which totaled around $80,000 retail, as well as a seated dinner by the pool for VIP guests before the party opened to other invitees. Prior to that though we were treated to another beautiful sunset with some breathtaking views!



We closed out our trip with a visit to the AMC Studios. The space was full of state-of-the-art speaker, a movie theater, and more so that they can really show off the sound quality of each of these unique speakers. After this trip I was so much more educated about speakers, sound, and how they make an impact on a space. I really learned that sound is as much of an art as painting or interior design, and AMC is one of the most important “artists” in the game right now!




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