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There are few things more classic than a tie. Whether it be a necktie, a skinny tie, a bow tie, etc. men have been using these accessories to elevate their style for generations! However, it is true that oftentimes ties can be associated with overly formal or stuffy affairs, as well as with the daily work grind for many men.


I do fall into the category of those who often have to dress up to go to work, but if done correctly, and with the right ties, it doesn’t have to feel like a burden or chore to choose a tie each day.


And with that, I bring you the brand I want to highlight in this article,



  As many of you know, I was named as one of’s Style Gurus recently! This group is comprised of several men with similar sensibilities and a love of fashion. I’ve loved being part of this group and sharing my own personal style with, as well as this community of ambassadors. My favorite part is that each person has their own individual style and way of accessorizing, as well as a different story and inspiration.


But the reason all of these stylish guys are coming together is because of how much they love and believe in the products that is making! They have a seemingly unlimited number of ties and styles, which are supplemented by basically every other dapper accessory you would need, such as lapel pins, tie clips, cuff links, scarves, etc.



 Throughout this post I will be highlighting some of my favorite pieces from and showing you how I styled them and why I love them! The first two photos feature a lapel pin, tie clip, and of course ties from the website.


This photo here is the outfit that I wore during Easter weekend, which features one of the most fun and seasonally appropriate ties you could think of! It is the Bad Hare Day Tie, which comes in this pink, as well as a navy blue and green. I went for the pink since the pants I wore with this outfit were a subtle light green that played so well with this tie. I got numerous compliments on this outfit and loved how playful this tie was. I finished off the look with a solid white pocket square, also from, and felt so Easter appropriate.



  But as I’ve mentioned, does so much more than just ties. I also mentioned that I have to dress up for work pretty often, however, on the weekends I have become more and more interested in rockin street wear looks. But just because you’re going a little more street doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate these dapper accessories, which is what I did here with these Kitty Cat Socks.


Details are incredibly important in any outfit that you put together, and in that regard has you covered! They have a huge variety of dress socks that can be worn both at work and outside of work.



 We now jump to this moody black and white photo, which features a classic and professional outfit that I wore to work. I love the black and white, but it does make it a bit difficult to distinguish the different characteristics of this outfit. Luckily, I’m here to explain a bit further. This is a more modern interpretation of “business professional” because I’m not wearing a full suit. Instead, I am mixing and matching this gray pinstripe sportcoat with a pair of solid black dress pants. The look is finished off with a solid white dress shirt and with a pink and white patterned tie. I couldn’t find the exact one, I think it may be sold out, but have linked a similar one here.



  Now we are back where we started in this blog post, with this look pictured above. This is probably my favorite look from this blog post because it really captures my personal style, professional and preppy with my own personal edge. I achieve this, at least in my own mind, through the standout blazer I am wearing, which is perfectly matched by this lavender shirt. I keep things simple with the rest of the look by pairing a solid black tie and solid black dress pant with these bolder pieces.


In this photo, is featured through the dragon lapel pin, which felt very Game of Thrones to me, and the Olympus tie clip. has really become my destination for anything that I might need in the realm of dapper accessories. They have a continuously updated stock of products and are always coming out with something new and interesting! I would highly recommend checking them out, perhaps even subscribing to their newly launch Guapbox.


Stay dapper everyone and check out!





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