Super Eats at Superica


Happy Friday everyone! And you know what that means! It is time to grab your friends after a long week of work, eat some delicious food, grab some tasty cocktails, and get ready to hit the town for a wild Friday night out! Since I’m in finally in Atlanta for once, I’m doing just this at my new go-to spot, Superica at Krog Street Market! Superica specializes in Tex-Mex food and overall deliciousness, which is why it has become a favorite of mine in Atlanta. For this blog post, I’ll be highlight some of my personal favorites and must try’s when you check them out. Another bonus is that they have two locations – one in Buckhead and one at Krog Street Market, which is the one that I went to.



 Now, I shall set the scene. You’ve gathered with your good buds, you’re all tired from a long week of work and ready to let off some steam, and you’re looking for the perfect appetizer to share. WELL, look no further than the Campechana de Mariscos! We started off our meal with this and after the first bite I didn’t know how the food could get any better (but spoiler alert it did)! You may be asking yourself, “What is contained in this magical dish?” Well, it has shrimp, octopus, crab, avocado, and amazing cooked into it, which you then eat on tostadas.


Furthermore, the drinks here have to be mentioned. No, they have to be praised because they are great! if you’re a horchata lover, which you 100% should be, then the Vampire Weekend is for you! That cocktail was easily my favorite because I could drink horchata all day, everyday. But we also tried the Margarita de la Casa, which of course they make to perfection, and the Slushie del Dia is a real crowd pleaser!



And while drinks are important, you’re probably starving since you worked through lunch, or didn’t who knows. But either way, the main course has arrived! So, one highlight that I think is great that Superica offers, especially if you and your friends are really into sharing, is the whole fish! The fish changes but when we went their offering was a red snapper. You can request tortillas and make your own tacos or just eat with rice and beans. The flavors on this fish are scrumptious and I would absolutely recommend trying it!



 It is also important to note that food isn’t the only great thing offered at Superica. The ambiance and atmosphere are also great. It’s always lively here and the decor is really interesting! They have tried, and in my opinion succeeded, in keeping the vibes of the Old West real. I honestly feel like characters in Westworld would hang out here. Another insider tip is that there is live music every Friday and Saturday starting at 9:30.



So we did share the fish but I also had my eye caught by the Tampiquena, which is skirt steak with two cheese enchiladas and a fried egg. And when I tell you this was life-changing I am not exaggerating. There was SO much cheese and I literally cleaned my plate. If you guy this is another must have in my opinion!
So all in all, you need to check out Superica! And if you go on a Friday you’ll honestly probably run into me because I make my friends go all the time.




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