Sunshine & Santa Monica: The Georgian Hotel


Back in California and ready for some fun, sun, and adventures in the city!

However, this time instead of staying in LA proper I decided to spend some time in beautiful Santa Monica! And no hotel is more of an icon than the Georgian Hotel, where I called home for a few days!

I love the beautiful and colorful exterior of this hotel, and from the minute I laid eyes on it I knew I would have a fantastic stay at this hotel!



The heat of the summer really took over LA during the trip, so it was extremely convenient that this hotel is literally across the street from not only the famed Santa Monica Pier but an immense stretch of beach as well! Plus the Veranda Restaurant and kitchen are right in the front with a fantastic patio space and amazing food, which I sampled throughout the weekend!



I checked into my signature suite, equipped with a king bed, gorgeous living room, and lovely view of the ocean and boardwalk! The room was so spacious and comfortable, so I knew that this stay was going to be a relaxing one.



I awoke the next day, after a long night’s sleep, and called down for some room service. It always amazes me how much that flight from NYC to LA takes out of you, but the bed let me have an amazing night’s sleep.



I migrated to the living room to take my breakfast and started to plan out what my day was going to look like. I was meeting with a friend/photographer that lives in the area, and I planned to explore the various areas of Santa Monica.



I ventured over to the Santa Monica Pier, which is a mere 5 minute walk from the Georgian Hotel, and started to explore the area. I personally have a love for the pier because it is iconic, but it gets SO crowded in the summer. Hordes of people flock both the pier and the stretches of beach that are directly adjacent, so in my mind it actually is better and more relaxing to make your way to the more remote parts of the beach for some tanning and relaxation.



After some coffee shop exploring, beach chilling, and light shopping we returned to the Georgian Hotel for lunch and cocktails at their lovely Veranda Restaurant! The cocktails are so so good, and the amount of food choices they have are wide ranging.



Their lunch is delicious and they also have some great happy hour deals that are pretty prime. My favorite offering of theirs might have to be High Tea though! This wasn’t something I was expecting and definitely doesn’t strike me as a California thing, but I can never so no to High Tea!



After that it was time to shower up and head to an event in the city! The Georgian is also super convenient because it is a short walk to the metro/subway if you want to get into the city that way or it’s a well known spot for your Uber to pick you up in.



I wouldn’t return to the hotel until late that night, where I showered up in the spacious bathroom and fell right to sleep in that crazy comfortable bed!



All in all, I had the most amazing stay with the Georgian Hotel! It was so nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of LA, while having such easy access to the beach and all the perks of Santa Monica. The room, staff, and service were all fantastic, and this is now going to be my go to place to stay when I come to Santa Monica! I highly recommend this as a place to stay if/when you’re visiting Santa Monica in the near future! Trust me, you’ll love the stay as much as I did!



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