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It’s pretty clear that I love suits. I wear them constantly for work, when I’m outside of work, and while I’m relaxing in my apartment. Ok, that last one isn’t true, but I seemingly do live in them. Or if I’m not in a suit and tie I’m at least in a sport coat or blazer. And nothing makes a guy feel better than a suit that fits him perfectly that is accessorized to his ideal specifications. And this is exactly what I have with this custom made suit from Suitopia! And when I say custom, I really mean custom! The way it works is that you shop around their extensive site and find something that you like, trust me that part won’t take long. From there you will fill out your body profile and get the measurements you want on record. After that you pay for the custom suit you’ve just created and it arrives in a few short weeks!



 Initially I was overwhelmed with the number of choices! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go wild with a printed suit that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere, or if I wanted to go for something a bit more classic that I would be able to wear to work. Ultimately, I went for the professional piece BUT I did mix it up with a double breasted three pieces suit, something that surprisingly wasn’t present in my wardrobe. And as a cherry on top, the windowpane pattern is in Carolina Blue!



 I eagerly anticipated the suit arriving and when it came in about 2 weeks I was SO pleased with the results! Everything fit like a glove and the process was much easier and more cost effective than what you typically have to go through when getting a custom suit! However, if you don’t want to design every aspect, Suitopia also has a ready-to-wear collection that draws from their wide range of fabrics and looks wonderful as well!



 I knew that I wanted to shoot with this wonderful suit, which is so versatile, fits perfectly, and looks pretty great if I do say so myself! Not to mention the monogram on the inside of the jacket, sadly not photographed but the stitching is also Carolina Blue. These photos were captured by Benjamin Pete, check out his insta here, and I was decked out in accessories from a wide range of spots that you should also consider checking out.



The tie and pocket square are from Korbata an awesome Guatemalan brand that specializes in ties, bow ties, pocket squares, etc. The company is so amazing and unique because they promote Mayan textiles made by artisans from indigenous communities. Not only this, they also improve the environment through community development and the establishment of sustainable income for the communities that they work with. I’m a huge fan of the tie and pocket square combo that I’m wearing and you can shop some of their other patterns, I’m particularly fond of this one.



The other parts of this outfit include one of my favorite pairs of Cole Haan loafers my pair is a little bit lighter than the ones that I linked but besides that they’re essentially the same. The lapel pin is an awesome tennis racket that I actually inherited from my mom! As a tennis player I’m a huge fan of it and it matches well with the gold bit on my loafers and my two tone gold/silver watch. The last component is my glasses, which are from David Kind. And if you haven’t heard of them yet, you will soon enough! This brand is very similar to Warby Parker in terms of the home try on setup, however, the quality is undisputed! I’ve done Warby Parker and somehow the glasses look great online but don’t always fit my face like I want them to. David Kind gets it right everytime, offers stellar service, and the quality of their product is so high it’s insane! I’ve currently got my eye on a second pair and can’t wait until I order them.


So, I’ve shared some pretty cool brands with y’all and I highly recommend trying them out. But for all you young professionals that read my stuff, Suitopia is really ideal! I’m lucky enough that I have had custom suits made when I was abroad in Thailand, where the craftsmanship is great and the cost is low, but Suitopia is the best that I’ve experienced in terms of custom suiting since then! I always say that young professionals should invest in their wardrobe because not only will you look more professional at work but you will also feel great! Suitopia is the perfect place to do it. Not only can you have something custom, but you can have 100% say in every aspect of it!




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