Strasbourg for the Day

Hello everyone! Long time no blog (or at least it feels like it) I am currently in an airport awaiting a flight to meet up with my sister after not having slept for more than 24 hours. And naturally I thought that now would be the perfect time to blog since I’m especially coherent (but not really). So please excuse the immense amount of errors that I’m sure will be present in this post.



Anyways this post is all about Strasbourg, France. And since I’m so tired I will be quite minimal in my writing, but I will say that this place is AMAZING! I fell in love with it in about 8 hours. This above picture is from the modern art museum and the specific exhibit is called Child’s Play.



And this is the super quaint old town of Strasbourg!



It’s quite adorable and there is a good amount to see and explore.



So French and so cute!



One of the main churches in Strasbourg.



Which includes this gorgeous altar.



One of the best restaurants in Strasbourg, also one of the most historic.



The main attraction of Strasbourg, the cathedral!



This building is massive and gorgeous!



Seriously though. It is kind of overwhelming!



You can’t even fit the whole thing in one picture.



A view from the side of the Cathedral!



This is pretty much the most I could get in one picture.



Back to the modern art museum apparently.



Wow I am tired but this painting is gorgeous.



I really enjoyed the use of color in this one.



More “Child’s Play”



I love when modern art goes outside of the box!



Another attempt to capture the beauty of this church!



Nom nom nom.



Again. Nom nom nom.



Some of the highlights of this wondrous city!



But actually look how gorgeous this building is.



So contemplative.




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