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Hi everyone! Wow it has certainly been a long while, hasn’t it. I truly have fallen off of the blog since last year, which is crazy. And so much has changed in this past year. I’m going to work on being more active here because I really did miss writing these pieces to share with you all.

Today, we are going to talk about something most of us are probably doing. Working from home! Now, this unfortunately is due to some truly wild circumstances, but it has absolutely become the new normal in our world. For me, I’ve been working remotely for about 9 months at this point and I’m still getting used to it honestly. One of the things that I’ve been seeing a lot from my colleagues and online has been improved lighting for video calls. For my job, I’m on video calls with clients all day and my lighting really hasn’t been great.

But now, I have a fantastic solution! CameraReady really came through for me with their Double Litebar Kit. I’ve just started using it and the results have been amazing! Literally, every person I’m on a call with comments on it and how great I look on the call. So to me, a worthwhile investment!

CameraReady has 3 fantastic options to suit everyone’s needs! I went for the Double Litebar Kit, but you can also do a single one or get the Deluxe Kit, which comes with 3 total and makes sure your lighting is right from every angle! There are tons of ways that you can position and place the Litebars when you’re on calls, so should definitely experiment with different positions to find what works best for you.

The Litebar kits are super easy to use and come with everything that you’ll need. The tripods are height adjustable and have a magnet to hold the strip in various positions. These have been so helpful for work, so I think it is even worth looking into if your company can expense these for you! But the best part about these is that you can use them for things beyond work. They’re great for family calls, work if you’re a photographer, doing your makeup, and maybe even those online dates you might be going on!

Shop Litebar here and you can also use my discount code when purchasing! Have a great holiday season everyone, and you’ll be seeing more blog posts from me for sure!


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