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 I’m all smiles in this photo above, and do you want to know why? Because my teeth are definitely whiter than I’ve ever been thanks to Smile Brilliant! Smile Brilliant is an awesome teeth whitening kit that helps you avoid having to go through whitening treatments at the dentist and save money when compared to typical whitening treatments!



Now for a close up of some actual results. Excuse the close up of my face, but this is really the best way to show how good my results are. It goes without saying, but the photo on the top is a before photo of my teeth, literally the day before I started the whitening process with Smile Brilliant. The bottom photo are my teeth after the whitening process. As you can tell, my teeth are several shades whiter and all the coffee and wine stains have seemingly disappeared!



 The kit comes with the following things that all help to give you the whitest teeth you’ve ever had: custom fitted teeth whitening trays, professional lab service, 2 impression trays, 3 sets of impression material, professional teeth whitening and desensitizing gel, and postage to mail your impressions back to be made. You can find more details about the different treatments that they offer for varying sensitivities of teeth here:




 As you can tell from the difference between this photo and the first of this post, my teeth are WAY whiter after going through the Smile Brilliant process! The process is super easy and you can do the whitening right before you go to bed, so it is extremely convenient no matter your schedule. Plus, the materials you need are lightweight and easy to carry around. I travel all the time for work and it is not a hassle at all to bring this stuff for whitening when I’m traveling during the week!



This is a photo of my custom fitted trays that I use for the whitening process. They really do fit perfectly and make the whitening process as impactful as possible! Usually, custom trays like this would cost at least $500 from a dentist, but with Smile Brilliant you pay a fraction of this cost and you can choose the treatment that best suits you. This link will tell you a little bit more about why having custom trays is so crucial to the whitening process:



 Here are the trays on my teeth. As I mentioned, I usually do my whitening just before I go to bed, which is really the best and most convenient time to do it. They fit perfectly and are extremely comfortable, you can barely tell that they’re there.



And since I’ve been whitening I’ve gotten tons of compliments and questions about what I’ve been doing to them! My teeth are so white and they definitely pass the notorious “Napkin Test” since I’ve started using Smile Brilliant. Check out this YouTube link ( for a great video that gives even better insights into the Smile Brilliant process. The girl in this video, Kelli Tanner, used Smile Brilliant as well and her results are awesome! She demonstrates pretty much everything you would need to know about the product!



 I usually will keep my trays in for 45 minutes – 1 hour, but it totally depends on the time that you have, as well as the sensitivity of your teeth. The products really do the best job possible and have made my teeth look amazing! I’ve been so happy with the results and I wanted to pass it along to all of you if you were looking for some teeth whitening options! I’ve tried the whitening strips and toothpastes and all that stuff and it kind of works. BUT I can tell you with 100% certainty that Smile Brilliant is so much better than these and ends up saving you money in the long run!

Y’all should check out this link for some more testimonials of the amazing results that Smile Brilliant can give you! My teeth look so white right now and they’re only getting better. Plus, it’s given me increased confidence and I’m literally smiling all of the time! Trust me you guys, try out Smile Brilliant! You won’t be sorry and your teeth will definitely thank you! But if you’re curious to see the results that other people have had, or if their teeth did really whiten to such a serious degree check out more testimonials here: Smille Brilliant is the real deal and there are so many people they’ve helped to get the whiter teeth that they’ve been wanting!

BUT perhaps the most exciting thing about this post is that I’m doing a giveaway with Smile Brilliant! If you just fill out the info via this link: you’ll be signed up to win your own whitening kit!



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