Small Boutique Fashion Week


So as we all know, I am now in Atlanta. But I also had a solid break before I started work. In classic Joseph style I couldn’t sit still. This meant that I would explore the city and discover some cool events. My first inclination is to find something fashion related, and I did just that. This led me to Small Boutique Fashion Week, which acts as a bit of a pre-cursor to Atlanta Fashion Week. So this post is going to be moderately short because of the lack of content I was able to create (my phone died). But this is the outfit I wore. All black everything featuring a custom jacket I had made in Beijing.



I really had no idea what to expect with the show, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the offerings of the local Atlanta designers that were being featured.



There was a good mix of men’s and women’s wear with a variety of materials and styles represented. I am slowly but surely uncovering the Atlanta fashion scene and seeing what style here is defined by.



Again, I apologize for the low quality pics and the very short post, but I have started work and am struggling to fit in a posts before a very exciting weekend full of events, as well as an exciting post that revolves around entering the work force!




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