Shredding it Up with Woodward

As kids, didn’t we all love Rocket Power? Ok, this might be a bit specific to people in my generation, I’m looking at you Millenials, so if you’re not familiar with the show, I’ll explain a bit. Rocket Power is a show that used to be on Nickelodeon and revolved around this gnarly (yes I used gnarly but you’ll understand why soon enough) group of kids who were magically all amazing at extreme sports, think skateboarding, rollerblading, surfing, dirt biking, and basically anything you’d see in the X-Games. Long story short, it was a great show and made anyone who wanted to watch it have their parents go to Toys-R-Us (too soon to mention?) and buy them a skateboard so they could try to become the next member of Rocket Power.

But why do I mention this? What does this have to do with anything?

Well, as some of you know I was just in Mexico for the second time this year. The first trip revolved around rest and relaxation. However, this trip was all about action and adventure.

I attended a press trip for Woodward, which is basically a camp and training center for extreme sports much like those that the Rocket Power kids would do. There was so much excitement around this trip in the extreme sports community because Woodward was opening its first outpost in Latin America, where this kind of sport is surprisingly popular, and it has a bit of a different model since it is on property of the Hard Rock Riviera Maya.



Woodward decided to open up a state of the art training facility, pictured above, in this part of the world and they hosted a huge launch event with some skateboarding royalty attending.


You might have been wondering who the skateboarders were in the first photo and that would be a good question. I don’t remember who one of them was but the other is basically the most famous skateboarder of all time, Tony Hawk. His presence is how you know that this entire launch was such a huge deal and a real game changer for the skateboarding community.



We were lucky enough to be guests of Woodward and explore the entire facility with all the crazy obstacles and training features they have for these world class athletes to use.
One of these cool features, that are available for hotel guests, is this “Mexican Ninja Warrior” course.



We got to take part and I got to try out my American Ninja Warrior dreams. Good news, I successfully ran the course! Who knows if my time would qualify, but I did do it twice and was pretty speedy the second time around.



After a day of exploring the facility we were treated to a Q&A with some of the biggest names in skateboarding today. Tony Hawk was the star panelist and it was really incredible to see his skills and how talented he is even though he’s 49 years old! He can still keep up with all these young up-and-comers that he really paved the way for.


We heard from the different panelists about what this new facility means, especially for Latin American skateboarding, as well as for the Woodward brand. Everyone was blown away by the quality of the facility, as well as how it can cater to professionals, like themselves, but also people who are less skilled and have an interest or want to try this kind of thing out.



Following this panel was the grand opening and a bit of a cocktail hour before heading outside for a live half pipe demonstration!



During this demonstration, Tony Hawk himself shredded up the halfpipe with some sick tricks and at one point a run that featured him and 2 other skaters! It was low key insane. The rest of the panel also partook and showed off their skills, including a skateboarder who is barely a teenager!


They threw some really insane tricks and gave such an amazing show! It was so fun, the entire, audience was into it, and it made all those childhood skateboarding dreams come true! I’m sure everyone has played some sort of Tony Hawk skateboarding game at some point (probably on the Gameboy Color or something) and seeing that superstar in real life was unreal!



This demonstration was followed up by a street carnival and concert from a punk band, super fitting to go with the vibes of the whole skateboarding weekend. To cap off the street party there was a spectacular fireworks display. From there, it was dinner time before heading to the after party in the club at the Hard Rock Cafe’s club!



So this is a low quality photo from a high quality night. The club, as I mentioned, is located in the adults only section of the Hard Rock Riviera Maya, which means you don’t even need to leave the property to party hardy!


And nothing says party hardy like an actual pool inside the club! As the night got a bit later, and the drinks kept flowing, people (myself included) tested out the pool and had an amazing night!


 I highly recommend looking into a Woodward camp, perhaps for your kids if you have them or there are adult versions available in major US cities. Also, if you’re looking for possible vacation destinations the Hard Rock at Riviera Maya is a great choice! Not only do you get easy access to Woodward, you’re also in one of the most scenic and relaxing destinations in Mexico! Do yourself a solid and check it out!




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