Shirt Goals with Vastros

Are you tired of seeing the exact same blue gingham shirt that every guy is wearing? You know the one I’m talking about, it’s from J. Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, maybe Brooks Brothers, and if you don’t believe me check out this Buzzfeed article to understand my point.

And in this sea of boring, something has to be done to stir things up! Someone has to have it as their mission to put guys back into clothes that are excellently made, stand out, and show some personality, and I am glad to share with you all today a brand that is doing just that!

I recently discovered Vastros and immediately became a huge fan for multiple reasons! In this post, I’m going to show you all two of the shirts I recently got from Vastros, how I wore them, other ways you can wear them, and why you all need to check out the brand so that you can immediately become the most stylish guy in the room!



Vastros is based in San Francisco with a vision based on crafting accessible style upgrades for all men! The name itself means “clothing that has something” and what these clothes have are built in cool style, with killer attention to detail, and amazing quality.


Every shirt is crafted with so many details that each time you wear it you’ll probably discover something different. First, the sleeves and collars, some have contrasting patterns and colors, while some blend with the shirt. The Family Crest shirt that I am wearing above has the contrasting details on the sleeves and collars, but not in a crazy way. The pattern selected for this shirt, and all the shirts that are in this style, blend perfectly and catapult a guys style ahead of the game.



But those are just the actual styling details of the shirt! We haven’t even touched on the fit and quality of the products.


In terms of fit, the shirts have a wonderful slim-fit to them that basically seems like it was tailored to fit you. As you all know, I am all about good fit. I will literally refuse to wear a piece of clothing if it doesn’t fit perfectly. Vastros has managed to nail fit, while still allowing its wearer to be comfortable throughout the day.



Then of course there is the matter of quality. It is clear that we live in the age where fast fashion is more and more popular, I’m looking at you H&M and Zara. And while those companies are great they do leave something to be desired when it comes to quality.


With Vastros, quality is never a concern! Each run of Vastros fabric is limited edition and hand selected by their designers from artisans around the world. But what does this really mean? It means that they only make so many styles of each shirt. And what does that mean? That means that these pieces are all unique and there is not a danger of showing up in the same shirt as everyone else (harken back to the opening of this blog post and literally every guy wearing the same shirt).



When you make the wonderful decision to purchase your favorite piece from their website, you’ll be treated to a lovely unboxing experience. The only thing more lovely than that experience is getting into the box and getting the chance to rock your new shirt.


As I mentioned, I’ll talk about how I wore this shirt, as well as other ways that you can style these pieces.



I decided to style these shirts in a more casual way, think a Casual Friday in the office where you can throw on this shirt, maybe with a cardigan or vest like I did, a pair of jeans and have mastered that cool casual look with an interesting print. This will also allow you to go straight from your 9-5 to your after hours fun!



¬†This second shirt that I selected is their Mixed Salsa print, which as its name entails is a little less traditional and a little spicier! The bright pop of red, which I’ve been loving on through my Instagram posts recently, is a great way to inject some interest and excitement into your outfits. Then of course there is one of my go-to style moves of throwing on a cardigan to complete an outfit. Cardigans are one of the most versatile pieces in a man’s wardrobe and can really be dressed up or down. This specific cardigan goes great with the bold print of this Vastros shirt and makes it office ready, even for a typical day at work. It would be just as easy to throw on a solid navy tie and you’re ready for a more formal meeting as well.


And while I went the casual route with the outfits in this post, there’s some great style inspiration on Vastros’ Instagram account. This post specifically shows how you can style the Mixed Salsa in a more dressed up way.



To finish off my look, I threw on one of my favorite pairs of boots, which makes it a perfect winter weather outfit, and got ready to venture out. As I mentioned previously, my favorite part of this outfit is how it can easily transition from work to play. I was in the office on a Friday when I wore this, but was immediately able to head to happy hour and make that transition perfectly. You can take off the cardigan and go untucked if you’d like or roll up in this exact look and be the best dressed guy in the room!

Vastros put it really well when they said on their website, “There’s just one guy out there like you. Give yourself the freedom to be exactly as you are.”

These are words I live by and I’m so happy that I’ve discovered a brand that feels the same way! Clothes are a way to make an immediate first impression, and I love being able to convey my personality through these wonderful shirts from Vastros!


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