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So, many of you know that Hurricane Florence is here. I’m currently in North Carolina waiting for this storm to pass, and I’m flashing back to a wonderful trip I had to Nuevo Vallarta with Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta! I took this trip a few months ago, but in the midst of all this rain and wind I can’t help but look back to gorgeous weather, white sand beaches, and a tremendously relaxing experience with the Rock Om amenities that are now available at Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta!



I’ve been to Mexico several times, but I’ve only visited the Eastern coast of the country. Puerto Vallarta is on the Western coast of Mexico and is much closer to California. However, I absolutely loved the change of pace and the chance to see a different part of Mexico. The vibes are completely different from Cancun, Playa del Carmen, or Isla Mujeres (the other places in Mexico I’ve visited) and I know I’ll definitely be visiting this area again!



When I arrived in the city we made our way to the hotel and were quickly greeted by a gorgeous lobby, some welcome cocktails, and a huge collection of musical memorabilia from across different genres! We were given a quick tour of the property then shown to our rooms! Sadly, the room pictured above wasn’t my room, but was instead the Rock Star Suite! This was such a lavish suite and had the most gorgeous views of the resort! Often, it acts as the home for famous musical acts that come to the resort or other VIPs. However, you too can book the room and be pampered with all the luxury you can imagine!



After looking around this magnificent suite and having a little cocktail party we headed down to dinner. There are 6 restaurants on property, as well as 5 bars. I’d characterize this Hard Rock as a little more family friendly since there isn’t a nightclub on property, but if you do want to party the downtown area is a simple Uber ride away (readily available) from the property! I’d recommend heading to the clubs after you’ve taken in one of the nightly shows, which include different bands, a Mexican fiesta, some acrobatics and fire dancing, etc.



The sun set on our first day and I was already in such a state of relaxation. Vacation mode was 100% on!



The next morning I awoke in my ultra plush bed and started to dress to take on the day! We had a morning yoga session, a great component of their new Rock Om offerings, as well as breakfast overlooking the stunning beach!



From there, our group was excited to be heading off property to visit one of the most adorable beach towns that I’ve ever been to, Sayulita! I’d never heard of this place before, but when I got there I recognized it immediately! It just so happens to be the little beach town where they film Bachelor in Paradise! If you don’t already watch you must start, but it was crazy because I believe that they were filming while we were there because I ran into Wells (the bartender in paradise for my fellow fans) and thought it was craziness to see him there!



I highly recommend a day trip to this spot so you can enjoy the beach, do some shopping, and a little sightseeing. It really is an adorable little town that shares a lot of similarities with Isla Mujeres, for those who have visited that charming little island.


We just so happened to visit Sayulita the day that Mexico had a game in the Fifa World Cup. The atmosphere was amazing! I can’t remember who Mexico was playing but I know that they ended up getting the win! This resulted in parties throughout the streets of Sayulita, and it was such a cool spectacle to see since soccer (or futbol as they call it) is such an integral part of Mexican culture!



The remainder of my stay, about 3 more days, were chalk full of good food at the various restaurants, entertaining nights at the property bars, as well as at various bars and clubs in the main town of Puerto Vallarta, and taking advantage of the various amenities that the hotel has to offer.


There is of course the Sound of Your Stay perk, which includes personalized playlists for your stay, a complimentary music program, getting your groove on with the hotel’s impressive collection of vinyl records, and the Fender Guitar Delivery service, which can come with guitar lessons if you’re looking to learn how to jam out!


And of course, you’re on vacation so you’ll naturally want to enjoy the spa for some true rest and relaxation! I really enjoyed the spa atmosphere here because of the Hard Rock’s ability to really tune into all 5 of your senses, especially sound. The Rock Spa was truly lovely and featured amazing treatments (think massages, wraps, pedicures, facials, etc.) and put you in a deeper zone of relaxation by seamlessly incorporating music (of your own selection) into the treatments! I felt completely refreshed and relaxed when I finished my treatments, which put me in the perfect state of mind when I finally had to return to the hustle and bustle of NYC!



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