Primestitch: Shirts for Every Instance

In the current day and age we are constantly overwhelmed with trends and fast fashion, just look at the H&M’s and Zara’s of the world. You can get shirts, coats, shoes, whatever you want for prices that are actually mind blowing if you really think about it.

However, at the same time everyone wants their wardrobe to do as much work for them as possible. This means consumers want clothing that is high quality and will last you much longer than that $10 button down from H&M, that feels like it’s an infusion of cotton as well as cacti. That’s why I advocate for choosing quality over fast fashion, I still love you though H&M. Investing in pieces that are more versatile, a higher quality, and better craftsmanship is an investment that your early 20’s self will thank you for many years down the road.

That brings me to Primestitch, a brand that I recently discovered that exactly fits the bill of what I described above! Primestitch focuses on shirts, both for casual outings as well as work, but also has ties, bow ties, and vests available. Their level in terms of craftsmanship and quality materials is also wonderful for the price point where they operate (think around $80 for a dress shirt).

All of their products are proudly made in their own factory in Guatemala and have a deep tradition in craftsmanship associated with their production process. Primestitch has been in the business of producing fine quality products for over 2 decades, and during this time they have truly perfected their craft, as well as built deep relationships based on trust and loyalty with their craftsmen, suppliers, and customers. And after getting some of their products I really can speak to the quality of the shirts, as well as their vests which I am wearing in the first few photos of this post.



Now that you know a little bit more about the brand and their history, we also need to talk about the actual products and how and what I am styling them for. As the post title suggests, you can really wear these shirts for any occasion that comes up for you.

First, I’m going to cover work. Obviously, we all work (unless you are inheriting a fortune, then we should talk) and all want to look and feel good in the clothes that we wear to the office. It is especially important for me to do this, first, because I have always been into fashion and it is one of my distinctions in the workplace and how people initially recognize me. Second, because my job is so client facing I always have to be put together and look good, especially with our fashion clients that I have been working with recently.

As a result, the pieces that Primestitch makes, from their dress shirts, to their ties, to their vests, are perfect for the office! Honestly, I don’t wear vests often and am not usually into them. However, this vest won me over because of its functionality and Herringbone pattern. I personally don’t think you need to pair a vest with a suit, so I opted not to and instead go for a great burgundy pant that is perfect for winter. If you don’t have to wear a suit to work but want to shake things up and impress your co-workers I would recommend throwing a vest into your wardrobe lineup.



 The next instance that I think Primestitch really covers you for is travel. As a consultant, I travel constantly and am practically always on the go. I don’t always have to wear a suit when I travel though, and for those times I still like to look professional yet casual, you never know who you can run into.




Primestitch has some great options for travel shirts, such as this Glen Plaid button down I’m wearing. Not only is Glen Plaid one of my favorite patterns, it is also a great pattern to incorporate into a winter wardrobe.


Another bonus is that these shirts travel very well! They’re not exactly wrinkle free, but they can definitely hold up to a long day of plane rides and still look great. I also think that if styled correctly, these long sleeve sport shirts can be worn to the office, depending on what level of formality your workplace operates under. For example, pairing this shirt with a pair of navy dress pants and a cardigan makes this an office ready look in my opinion.



The last instance I’m going to cover for when I wore Primestitch recently is adventure because life isn’t all work! You have to incorporate some play into your routine!



 I wore Primestitch’s Walden Traveler – Blue Embroidery when I was exploring the Outer Banks a few weeks ago. And the product description used on the website perfectly explains what this shirt can do.
It is comfortable enough to be worn all day long no matter what the setting is. I wore this when we walked along the beach and when we explored a historic fort. It is also fashionable enough to be worn to a restaurant or drinks in the city, but can also look just as good while you’re exploring what nature has to offer on your adventures! My favorite part of this shirt is definitely the details and texture though. There is a very cool pattern embroidered onto the shirt that contrasts really nicely to create a pattern with the vertical stripes that this shirt also features.



And that brings me to the end of this blog post! A few takeaways though. First, the holiday season is here with us, today is the first day of December, so you need to be on the lookout for gifts for the guy in your life. Second, while you’re on the lookout for that killer gift, don’t buy him something of poor quality that won’t last him a long time, get him something like a shirt from Primestitch that has great craftsmanship, looks good, and he will feel good in. Third, remember that they have styles that range from office wear to adventure wear, as well as tons of accessories. So shop the spectrum and look for pieces that could potentially pair well together or help build up his (or your) wardrobe.






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