NYFW: A Few of My Favorite Things

Generally, I’m an extremely punctual person. In my real life, you will find me on time to every appointment, dinner reservation, when meeting friends, etc. However, the one thing that I am often late doing is blogging! I tend to run so behind because I have so many things going on. From work, to maintaining the gram, to having an actual social life the blog often takes a backseat.

That results in some posts that are not nearly as timely as the should be. But that’s what this blog post is. I’ve mentioned that I have a ton of content that I want to share with you all but not nearly enough time to do so. This post is a collection of some of my favorite looks from NYFW men’s and women’s.

Now I do have to apologize for one thing in this post. I don’t remember the name of every designer I’m going to show below. I know this is awful, but because it has been a while since I attended the shows I can’t exactly remember and I could go back and look but again trying to write this quickly! So, please forgive me and I will name brands when I can. For instance, I know the brand of the first photo, it’s Suit Supply!



 But from here, my brand awareness will become much worse. The first section though does include brands that exclusively presented on New York Men’s Day (NYMD), which basically kicks off the entirety of NYFW.

For this first brand I loved their idea of a little newspaper write-up of their brand. Something fun and interesting to change up the standard info sheet you get on a brand when you go to a presentation.



 This was another NYMD brand and one of the clear themes was their usage of green, which is going to be a trending color for sure this spring, and hats.



 This next brand got one of the best rooms at NYMD with the most gorgeous view of the water! It really enhanced the clothes and the spotlight they placed upon 4 models at a time with the rest of the collection cycling through during the 1 1/2 hour presentation.



 The next NYMD presentation featured what looked like the cool kids crew, surrounded by a strewn out collection of plants and herbs to create a really natural feel in the room.



   The last room I am featuring felt very future dystopian to me, probably because of the use of cardboard and futuristic combinations of clothing.



 NYMD really dominates that first day of Fashion Week, but from there things are a lot more spread out and shows and presentations are held in different venues across the city.

One of my favorite days of Fashion Week this year was surprisingly China Day. This was in collaboration with the CFDA and some of China’s most innovative brands at the moment.



Typically, China is not thought of as one of the leaders in fashion in Asia. Normally, you think more of Korea and Japan as having very unique styles and aesthetics. However, the designers that showed during China Day, 4 designers who were Peacebird, Chen Peng, Li-Ning, and CLOT.



Now, I am glad I could remember those 4. However, I can’t remember who designed what, for the most part.



I wish I remembered who designed the clothing in this photo and the next one because this collection was easily one of my favorites of the whole week!


If you saw some of the pieces that Moncler recently showed, this collection did similar things but with a more fun use of color in my opinion. It really was some visionary stuff, and if you can be on the level of Moncler you must be doing something right.

It is also worth mentioning the amazing Frenchie bags that accompanied every outfit in the collection.



I do know that this photo and the next two are by CLOT.



 Very street and urban. However, they managed to do it in a distinctly unique way that I honestly loved and I thought differentiated themselves from all the other street brands out there right now.



CLOT closed out the China Day with an evening show/presentation, which was packed and filled with big name celebrities. Most notably were Cameron Dallas, who I sat 4 seats down from, and Scott Eastwood!



Ok, now the remaining photos I really am sorry because I hardly know which collections any of them are from. However, the work is beautiful and it needs to be seen!



The photo before this and the one above are from a bridal collection that showed at the iconic Cipriani venue right by Grand Central. It was a gigantic venue and the production was amazing. Not to mention this finale piece really stole the show due to the flow of the beautiful cape.



This piece and the one following it were part of a cool/kind of weird multi-part show I attended. It was basically 4 brands showing all at once, which seems like a cool idea but to me the execution was really poor. You couldn’t honestly tell when one designer started and the other ended. Additionally, all the models basically stayed on the runway after they took their walk. This didn’t affect me thankfully because I was front row at the end of the runway. However, those who were sat near the place the models came out basically had their view blocked for a large part of the show.



It was cool to meet Kelly Katrone (PR woman who was on America’s Next Top Model) and Whoopi Goldberg, who was in attendance.



So I actually know who designed this, Just In. And I know thought because I LOVED their show. Amazing use of prints and a great representation of unisex clothing.



They featured some of my favorite prints and a really great color story throughout their collection.



Next up is I think Concept Korea? Not entirely sure and I think actually 2 different brands might have shown. But I do know they were both from Korea!



 And, for me, I LOVE Korean fashion! Some of my favorite blazers I got while I was in South Korea and I literally want to go back with an empty suitcase and just fill it up with amazing clothes!



I believe this dress was from Jason Wu? Not positive, but his collection was clean, classic, and just a little bit daring with pieces like this stunning red dress!



I don’t know where this outfit is from, but I do know that fur, whether it be real of faux, is continuing to have a huge moment right now. It was featured all over runways and this jacket is no exception.



Another huge trend was stand out coats on the runway. I personally love this bold print, and the matching pant, that reminds me a bit of a butterfly. I am keeping my eye out for that statement coat that I’m willing to invest in, however, I am doing thorough research because I want it to stand out but also be very wearable.



Another great trend, on the men’s and women’s side, was brocade fabric and patterns being used. This dress looks amazing and it is completely due to the gorgeous fabric choice. I am a sucker for a brocade jacket and it’s such a great way to make a statement in a classic and sophisticated way.



We are getting towards the end of the post and I remember where I was for this show but not who presented… Oops.



Spring Studios was probably the most “popular” venue during NYFW for street style photography. However, this collection I loved! IT was such a mixture of street and bold athleisure and gave me ASOS vibes but with much higher quality.



One collection that I was actually really interested in was this modest collection. I’ve never seen modest clothing on the runway, but it is such a big market in today’s environment that I wanted to learn more. I wish I could remember who this designer was but she was young and amazing at what she does. A great take of modern, but of course modest, fashion that still had intrigue all around it.



These next two photos come from the same collection and have a lot of things I like going on. First, we have some fringe in this one. Definitely making a comeback and even finding itself in men’s fashion these days. Then we have more fur of course. This white fur is looking good and is done extremely well. Then there is that hat. A cool baseball cap, paired with an otherwise extremely feminine outfit is huge right now and you’re seeing a lot of bloggers adding this into their feeds.



I’m ending with this photo because it is probably my favorite show photo that I took. The details of the fringe and the movement of the multi-tiered skirt were captured surprisingly well, on my Iphone nonetheless. And it also speaks to the popularity of the white and black color story this past season.

 If you made it through all these photos, congrats! I apologize again for not having all my designers on lock for this post, but if there was something that you really loved and you want to know who designed it please feel free to reach out and I’m happy to do some investigating for you!



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