Nights Out in Copenhagen

I wouldn’t be able to adequately describe the study abroad experience if I didn’t post about going out in the city that you call home for a semester at least once, so I think that the time has finally come! Copenhagen is a fun and cool city, but admittedly it’s not the biggest city in Europe and isn’t really well known for its club scene. However, that is trying to be changed and the people leading the charge are the clubs HIVE, Jupiter, Bambi, Sunday, and a few others but those are really the main ones.



But let me begin. So as we all know Copenhagen is a pretty expensive city, and this fact definitely holds true when you are going for a night on the town. However, if you go to the right places or plan the right way you can have a wonderful night! This going out night was definitely a splurge/treat yoself kind of night. We started off with some drinks at 1105 one of the most well know cocktail bars in Copenhagen. The atmosphere here is wonderful and is topped off by the mixologists (or cocktail scientists or whatever you want to call them) wearing lab coats while crafting your drink. Admittedly, the drinks I had were not the best I’ve ever received but the atmosphere is tough to beat and it’s a great place for the start of a classy evening. The drinks here will set you back anywhere from $16-20 per drink so maybe consider sipping slowly and enjoying the conversation.



But in order to save some money and have some fun where you live just start the party before you leave! The pre-game in our dorm of Holger is a step we very often take and it is always a great way to start off the evening. And we take pics before we leave.



The club that we chose for the night was Jupiter because they were holding a special event for a certain group of students at the University where we are studying this semester. Jupiter is super exclusive and to get in you pretty much either have to know the bouncer or have gotten your name on the guestlist for that night.



Suffice it to say that it was a great night with some great people. If you are ever looking for a place to go out in Copenhagen I would definitely recommend Jupiter. The dj’s play a good mix of top 40, dance, throwback, EDM, and their own personal mixes and the club doesn’t close until 5am. So if you’re up to it feel free to close down the club (I’ve definitely done it a few times since I’ve been here)!




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