My T-Swift Year


My T-Swift year has rolled around and I thought I should give some quick advice on what it feels like to be 22. Basically, the one thing I want to impart has to do with passion. At the age of 22 many people have left college and are starting their careers, are entering their final year in college, or coming to a crossroads where they need to begin setting serious goals for themselves. For me, we know that I have recently started my career. I’m lucky enough to be doing something I’m passionate about and I know will help me to mold my career path to be exactly what I want it to be. This is the advice I want to give. Find what you’re passionate about and take the chance to pursue it. Failure will always be present and be a possibility, but if you never try you will never succeed and the chance is worth taking!



Oh, and of course always eat cake!




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