Monday Blues

It is now officially the first day of my year long fashion blog adventure, and I woke up this morning ecstatic to start it off! First and foremost, I would like to give photo credit for these amazing shots to my fantastic friend Anisha Padma. You should all follow her on Twitter @anishapadma and I will definitely be posting the link to her website and the rest of her work.

 But now for some fashion. So as we all know Mondays are the worst. There really is no way around them and they are always my least favorite day of the week, but I thought instead of conforming to those “Monday Blues,” I would brighten it up and add some floral to my outfit today. Floral has actually been quite popular in menswear recently and you see more and more guys adding it to their wardrobe in the form of button downs and printed shorts. However, since it is such a bold print you’re best off pairing it with some basics, hence the white oxford and brown sperrys. Also, if you are looking to wear floral do it soon! The shift to fall is coming faster than we all would want it to and you really can’t wear floral prints in the fall. It’s kind of a rule.

That’s it for today and I’m even more excited for tomorrow not only because I get to do this again but because it’s my birthday tomorrow! So special birthday outfit? I think so.




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