Mexico: Part II


We are back to Mexico y’all! I know you’re all just dying to see the rest of my vacation pics, and trust me there are a lot, so I’ll have a couple more blog posts about my time there. Last post was pretty much about fun and sun, but this one is going to definitely still be about fun but also some sightseeing and must do things when you’re in Cancun! First, we are going to start with Tulum, the ancient Mayan city, which is easily one of the main tourist attractions in Cancun, even though it isn’t really IN Cancun.



Tulum is definitely a gorgeous sight to visit, however, the history behind it was surprising to me. I thought that it was so famous because it was one of the largest Mayan settlements. However, I learned from my wonderful tour guide that it was actually very small, no more than 600 people lived her. BUT just because it was small doesn’t me it isn’t important!



 Tulum is so special because it is the only, and I mean ONLY, of the Mayan settlements that was situated right by the ocean as you can see. This unique aspect made the settlement big for trade and very special.



 These beautiful beaches and ruins are a major draw for tourists and there are a ton of half day tours that can take you to Tulum. Personally, I was glad I opted for the half day tour instead of the full day tour just because Tulum is pretty small.



However, the ruins are very well preserved and absolutely gorgeous!



And if you do opt for the half day tour then you’ll make it back in time for lunch at your hotel and can still spend half of your day by the pool!



 The next day I made a little excursion to Isla de Mujeres. So this is an island that is about 20 minutes away from Cancun via ferry. It costs about $9 for the bus ride and ferry ticket to Isla de Mujeres and is definitely worth it if you want to see a cute little town and get something a little more authentic. It is much smaller than Cancun but you actually get the feeling of walking the streets of Mexico and interacting with a more authentic location. There is tons of cool street art, small hole-in-the-wall eateries, and great places to get souvenirs. Of course, there are also amazing beaches and sights across the island.



 An option when you get to the island is to rent a golf cart so that you can see the various sights on the island. It isn’t necessary to rent a golf cart because you can hang out in the downtown area and go to various beaches and still feel like there is plenty to do. But if you do want to see more of the sights on the island they aren’t walkable, so you definitely will need to rent a golf cart or take a taxi. I would go for the golf cart since you have more freedom and get the rental for the whole day! The last ferry departs at 9PM back to Cancun so you have plenty of time to explore.



And now for some nightlife! Cancun is obviously known for its nightlife and the BEST place to go is definitely Coco Bongo. This place is a Cancun institution and really has the best entertainment in town! The show goes from 11PM to like 5AM and trust me you will be entertained!



 There is a multitude of shows (That are way better than Vegas) throughout the night and tons of dancing in between!



They really go all out for each show, which is good because the ticket price is kind of steep. But trust me. IT. IS. WORTH. IT. Easily the most fun night I had in Cancun!



I will advise one thing about Coco Bongo though. I’m 22, so pretty young. But we sprung for the VIP section, which is essentially the equivalent of getting a table in a club. I would 100% recommend going for this option! Unless you want to stand for the entire like 6 hours you’ll be there, want to push people out of your way to even think about getting a drink, and want to constantly rub elbows with people you don’t know, then by all means get the regular ticket. BUT if you want to be relaxed and entertained, go VIP.




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