Manscaped is a Must!


Today we are going to be talking about something that often gets glossed over for guys, Manscaping. I’d say it is something that dudes almost never talk about, but honestly in this day and age it is practically a necessity. I mean, most guys expect their girls to go through tons of trouble regarding waxing, shaving, etc. so it is the least guys can do to manscape both above and below the waist!


To me, grooming helps to make you feel super confident and awesome about yourself! Just think about how you feel after a fresh haircut (you should feel like $1,000,000)! One of my favorite brands for below the waist grooming is definitely Manscaped! They carry everything you will ever need to step up your grooming game, and all of their products I can 100% recommend for all you guys out there (or all you girls who want your guys to start doing this)!



Perhaps the most effective and well known product that Manscaped has is the Lawn Mower 2.0! This handheld electric trimmer is state of the art and designed for getting up close and personal with sensitive areas (if you catch my drift). Most importantly it has SkinSafe technology to ensure that no nicks occur. This I highly recommend for body grooming and it does a great job for sure! I’m a generally more hairy guy and I use this mainly to trim my chest hair and keep it neat and groomed. It has several other uses (just check your user guide when you order).



For traditionalist out there, Manscaped also has The Plow, which is an extremely sharp and effective single blade safety razor. For me, I more use this for shaving my face to get a really nice and close clean shave every time! The nice thing about this is that it also helps to avoid razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hairs.



I’d say that the two products I mentioned above are really what Manscaped is known for, however, there is so much more that they have to offer! They have a ton of different formulations that pair perfectly with their razors and shavers. From cleansers, to moisturizers, to deodorants, to cologne, they’ve really got you covered with everything you need from pre to post shave! Personally, I love their cologne and body wash, both amazing scents, and use them both constantly!



Besides toiletries, they also have various lifestyle products available. The one I use is the toiletry bag, peep the very first photo in this blog post, since it fits basically everything that I need. If you’re interested in these products, which you 100% should be, there are a few things I want to let you in on. First, check out one of the package deals that they have! Second, use code GIFT25 in order to get 25% off your order during the holidays!


Low key, I love these products and live and die by them to be honest. They work seamlessly and are really ideal for any of your manly grooming needs!



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