#MahiLeather Competition

Hey y’all! Exciting stuff. I’m working with #MahiLeather on a new campaign that they have going on. So, I created this look on Polyvore that is inspired by their Messenger bag. As I’ve talked about a lot, my style has definitely evolved over the years. I used to be completely unwilling to incorporate street style into my wardrobe. However, more and more I am willing to do so. This look is completely street inspired, but still very much me, and is all built around the Messenger bag from Mahi Leather that you can find here.

One of my favorite things about this piece is the coat from Phillip Plein. It’s definitely a piece that you have to be willing to spend some bank on (R.I.P. my account), however, if you really look at it it’s worth it. First, the quality it top notch. Literally the finest of everything poured into this coat. Second, is that it is surprisingly versatile. The leather details of the sleeves make it perfect for both fall and winter and the zippers can be toned down I promise. Check it out more here.

The next piece is the shirt from J. Lindeberg, a brand that I’ve worked with before. I swear that they slay with every print that they make. I love almost all of them and they can really be worn in elevated or casual ways. Check out the shirt on Polyvore.

Now glasses are a somewhat new area for me. I’ve always loved sunglasses, however, I didn’t actually have to start wearing glasses until I started working full time, which really says a lot about my job… But in all seriousness I’ve kind of enjoyed it because it adds a completely new element that I can begin to incorporate into my style. The glasses I feature here are from Eye Buy Direct, a brand I’ve seen a ton of my blogger friends work with. They have prices that can’t be beat and a ton of styles to fit any person’s face.

I’ve been a watch man for sometime and one of my passions is seeing my collection continually grow. This watch from Raymond Weil is a perfect piece to incorporate into your collection. Classic, high quality, yet not as expensive as a Rolex so it won’t break the bank. Plus, the versatility of this watch is second to none.

Leather. Pants. All I have to say. I actually have two pairs of leather pants, because apparently one pair wasn’t enough. They are a huge statement piece, and as you can see via this link the perfect thing to wear to the club.

Accessories make any look more elevated and put together. So it’s important to never skip the details. This belt from Bugatchi, low key one of my favorite brands right now, is subtle but the perfect piece to finish off the look. This one is black-on-black but of course they have several options available.

So, I’m now realizing that this outfit is low key very expensive. From the pants, to the coat, and to these shoes. BUT these shoes are Louboutins. So that basically speaks for itself. There are of course alternatives out there, which will completely work with an outfit like this. But if you want the real deal you have to check these out.

If you’re a fellow blogger then check out the competition here.

And you can see the full look on Polyvore here as well.


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