Magnificent Manuel Antonio

Wow wow wow! So sorry everyone for how delayed these posts are. I’m super behind on the blog and will hopefully have a lot of content coming out soon. The first of which is going to focus on Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica!


Now, since I have to much to catch up on I’m not going to go as in depth for each post as I might usually. I’m also not going to include that many photos, but what I do include will be the highlights of the each location and give a great sense for what I did while I was there! If there are any more questions about a specific location please feel free to reach out to me via email ( or via Insta (joseph.lucido)



Out of all the places in Costa Rica, I have to say I think that Manuel Antonio was my favorite! To me, it just encapsulated everything I thought Costa Rica would be before I went. It has gorgeous beaches, both inside and outside of the park that is the main attraction for coming, and lush jungles.


We only spent three total days here, I believe, and to me this was a great amount of time. It gave you a day to explore the town and the main beach, as well as just laze around. It also gave us time to enjoy the amenities of our hotel, which included 3 pools! Three days also allowed you to spend a full day in Manuel Antonio National Park, which is world famous, and explore other areas of the town.



On our first day we arrived in the mid-afternoon and quickly headed to our room to unpack and settle in. Unfortunately, I had some work that I had to do. BUT we were luckily staying at Selina properties throughout our time in Costa Rica. If you’re a millennial and you haven’t heard of Selina you must be doing something wrong. They are a fantastic hotel/hostel brand that are making waves in Central America and South America specifically. Their concept is one that allows for millennial travelers to enjoy their time in each location to the fullest, no matter if they want to be in a dorm room or have their own lovely rooms and suites. They also have great co-working spaces that you can access for those remote workers out there! I used it so often in Costa Rica and absolutely loved it!


While I worked my friends did some exploring and scoped out where we would be having dinner that night.



The next morning, while my friends slept, I ventured out to the yoga deck that Selina has, along with its three pools that I mentioned earlier. I really wanted to get in a quick workout/yoga session before we went to the Manuel Antonio National Park, and I was so happy that they had mats there for anyone to use!



Ok, so now to the highlight of Manuel Antonio. You may be asking yourself, “why do so many people go here? What makes it so much more special than the other nature parks in Costa Rica?” And that would be a totally fair question. I asked myself the same thing. Because Manuel Antonio is really beautiful, but you’d be hard pressed to find a park in Costa Rica that isn’t beautiful. So the main reasons people love this place are for the diversity of landscapes and animal species that you can find. Plus the sheer size of this park is really astounding!


Still not enough for you? Well, the other main highlight of this park are the SLOTHS!



There are sloths throughout Costa Rica, but I think this park is well known for being the park where sloths are the most numerous and for being the easiest to see. As you can tell, we got some great shots of these adorable creatures (and there are more where that came from in my Photos)!



I highly recommend taking a tour of the park, as opposed to paying the entry fee yourself and just going. This is mainly because the tours really aren’t that expensive and if you don’t take the tour the chances of you seeing as much wildlife as you want to see are literally 0! All the guides are experts and can find you some of the coolest creatures the park has to offer. Plus they all have nifty telescopes that you don’t have.



Your tour will conclude at the Manuel Antonio beach, which is the highlight of this location for most toursists. You’re then free to spend the rest of the day lazing about on the beach, which I highly recommend. Quick tip though, the only food allowed into the park are sandwiches and fruit (as well as a few other non-processed foods) so if you want to stay make sure you bring lunch because there is no way to get it unless you leave the park.


Another great part about Manuel Antonio is the party scene! We were there on a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night and each night was LIT! But the best party was the Selina pool party on Saturday night, which people literally come from all over Costa Rica to attend! If the timing works out, I highly recommend coming to Manuel Antonio during a weekend!


Woo! Ok, one down. Only like 12 more blog posts to go! Hope you all enjoy!




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