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That’s what Mad Style is all about. Now it’s been a while since my last post but I wanted to cover in this one some more sick pieces that I got from Mad Style and how I’ve been using them. Last time I focused mostly on the clothing that they have available, which I love. But there is so much more to them than just their clothing! In this post I’ll be talking accessories and home goods. And I know what you’re thinking, “Seriously, they have home goods?!?!?” Well the answer is yes!


But first we are going to talk about the watch I’m wearing in the photo. They’ve got some great pieces on the website for guys and girls. The one that I’m wearing has a cloth, burgundy¬† strap and can be found here. I don’t have many cloth band watches but wanted to change it up since summer is fast approaching.



Now we are onto our home goods! Namely, this salad bowl. It comes with a wonderful stand and is perfect for serving on any occasion you can think of. You can find bowls like this and others here. And of course no dinner party is complete without wine! I have two Cabernet Sauvignons in this photo from OneHope wines, which is an awesome wine company that supports great causes with each sale of their wine.



And what goes better with wine than cheese! This cheese board set is also from Mad Style, I’m telling y’all they have EVERYTHING, and comes with the cheese slicer as well as small serving tray. To check out the other cool home times they have go to this link. They a lot of items that fit into varying design aesthetics, as well as items that are sourced globally and can really give an international feel to your house. Also, shout-out to Camembert cheese for being so delicious. And PSA Brie and Camembert are different. Brie is usually creamier and has a more buttery taste while Camembert is more earthy and can have more intense flavors.


To end the post I of course had to style the watch in a different way to close this post. My first look was more office appropriate and more conservative, but still had an injection of fun with the cool pocket square from Flare and Square. With this look the burgundy tones of the watch match with the highlights of red that are in the floral bow tie. I paired this with a solid white shirt, solid blue pants, and solid white pocket square. This is because the print of the jacket, which is a nice plaid with some Carolina Blue highlights, the pattern of the bow tie, a fun blue floral, and the bold silver rose lapel pin do the talking!

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