Mad About Mad Style


I’ve always loved fashion, pretty much since I can first remember. It probably stems from my mother being impeccably dressed in every memory I have of my childhood, as well as her making sure my sister and I were always in the most adorable outfits and were the best-dressed children in the room. So, I think that just carried over to when I started dressing myself, minus the middle school years. A dark time. We won’t talk about it… But I’ve always held this belief in mind when I get dressed that the clothes you wear always present an opportunity to say who you are without every having to utter a word.


And with this little ramble now aside, let’s get to the point of this blog post: how I am now mad about Mad Style. They are the latest brand that I am working with and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Their motto is individuality through personal style and that’s why I think we pair so well together! The goal of the brand is to celebrate uniqueness and that’s what I try to do everyday, whether it be in my style, the style of others, or what I see in the world and throughout my travels.



¬†They sell pretty much anything that today’s fashionable guy (or girl for that matter) could need! That’s one of the major things I love about them. They’re more of a lifestyle brand than simply a fashion brand. Literally, they have whatever you need for the various parts of your life. In the first photo the gym bag I’m carrying is courtesy of Mad Style and in this second photo they sell executive sets (notebook, pen, and keychain) that all match and look extremely professional! These can be great gifts for the guy in your life or something young professionals can buy for their careers.



To go a bit further with the lifestyle theme, I also got this spa kit from their website. Pretty much perfect for unwinding after a long day of travel (#consultinglife) or a long session at the gym, which I would go to using their gym bag and the workout clothes available at their site! I’m telling you, it really is a MAD lifestyle that they can provide you!



Other products that they offer that fit perfectly into my lifestyle are their workout clothes, peep the gym bag in photo 1 that I already talked a bit about. So, this workout set is not only high quality and perfect for running/gyming in general/whatever your go to workout is, but it also fits perfectly into the shifting gym clothing trends right now. For a while people were all about gym clothes that were neon, and quite frankly an eye soar. Admittedly, I did play into the neon trend but I did it where the neon was built in as pops of color in the design, not the entire color of the piece. However, there is a shift happening now where darker colors, like this outfit, are becoming the norm and the neons are being shifted out. It is partially because the darker colors are not only slimming but also more toned down since the point of going to the gym is working out, not being seen.



This leather gym bag is the last piece I’ll be discussing and I am so pleased with how functional this item is! It looks great and sophisticated but holds a surprising amount! I wouldn’t take it as a carry on for a plane, but for the gym it holds the perfect amount. I could easily fit a pair of boots, towel, toiletries, and separate outfit in it!


So main takeaways, if you’re looking for a lifestyle brand that is conscious of the unique style that every person has then you should check out Mad Style! And if you do, make sure to use my personal code jlucido for 20% off your purchase!




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