Macau for Your Money!


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is a commonly held saying for one of the most extravagant cites in the United States. And Macau is known as the Vegas of the East. However, in recent years it has grown to be even larger than Vegas is and more luxurious if you can imagine it! This post is all about the weekend I spent in Macau and the fun that I had!



To begin, this weekend trip to Macau was for the reason of celebrating the birthday of one of my friends on the GLOBE program. She had turned 21 and we thought this would be the perfect way to ring in her birthday! This tower above is the highest bungee jumping location in the world and one of my friends that I went with was brave enough to take the challenge!



After that we headed to our hotel on the main strip of Macau. This is the infamous Venetian hotel, which they have one of their very own in Macau.



They went very far to recreate Venice and even have a gondola and shopping center that could pass as Venice. And as someone who has actually been to Venice I was moderately convincing but more entertaining than anything.



 This bakery is one of the highlights of Macau. Lord Stow’s draws upon the Portuguese heritage of Macau with pastries inspired from this culture. The most famous of which are the egg tarts that are world renowned. People come from all over and buy dozens of these things because they are just that good!



And after we explored the exterior of the casinos and saw some of the culture of Macau we returned to our hotel and got dressed for dinner and hitting the casinos that night. We of course had to have a few glasses of wine before we left for dinner to get in the mood for a long night of fun!



We went to one of the best restaurants in Macau. A French offering by Armani and one of the favorites of people that constantly go to Macau. The multi-course meal was amazing and was the perfect way to start off our party evening!



Course 1 was comprised of scallops with a saltwater foam and truffles. It was absolutely delicious! Additionally, the restaurant had a grasshopper! This is one of my favorite drinks and had been impossible to find anywhere I went in Asia. So I was obviously quite pleased that I was finally able to find it!



And next up were some palette cleansers to ready us for our next course.



Course 3 was a filet with poached pear and apple. Great combination!



Dessert was a fruit layer cake with homemade ice cream and fresh berries! Not necessarily the most creative but it was expertly done!



We had an additional dessert course of some of their baked goods, which was given to us on the house! I also didn’t picture the additional 4 courses that we had, along with the wine pairings and cheese plate we had throughout and at the end of the meal!



 The entire dinner was full of wonderful food, good company, and great conversation!



 From there we made our way to the casinos!



There are four main casinos in Macau, The Venetian, The Grand Lisboa, the Wynn, and The Sands. Our first stop was the Grand Lisboa, which is known for having the best poked tables in Macau!



The city is truly amazing in terms of the grandeur and spectacle. It looks like an upgraded Las Vegas that is actually much cleaner. However, one major difference is that the experience you have just isn’t the same. It is kind of odd but the overall feel of the city is different than Vegas.



Vegas is all about the fun and experience of going to Vegas. But to me, and my friends, it seemed like people that come to Macau are much more serious about gambling and aren’t as lively. This is very much seen in the casinos where they hand out free bottles of water and tea instead of free drinks.



But you can very much make your own fun experiences in Macau!



In the Soho area of Macau there are loads of fun and interactive things to do in the “streets” where you can have some random fun!



There is also tons of fun architecture and statues all around the city!



Hailey and I, and our two friends, had an amazing time gambling in the city and getting the Asian casino experience!






Found Soho again!



The dragon theme was highly prevalent throughout Macau. But I’m not complaining. I love dragons. Very Game of Thrones!


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