Los Angeles: Where to Stay and What to Do

La La Land here I am!

After spending an amazing weekend at Coachella my friends and I departed Palm Springs and made our way back to Los Angeles. I was so sad to leave the unique experience that was Coachella 2018, but I was so excited to get to experience LA for the first time in over a decade!


I would be staying in LA for a few days, and while I was there the Everly Hollywood (A Kimpton Hotel) would serve as my home base.



The Everly Hollywood was the perfect place for me to stay while I was in town, and I highly recommend it for anyone that is going to be visiting the City of Angels!

But why should you stay here, you might be asking? Well I have quite a few reasons! Then I’ll get into some of the things that you should check out during your trip to LA.

First is this view! Like whoa! I don’t think there is another hotel that has a view of the Hollywood Hills, and specifically the Hollywood sign, that is as good as this one! Plus, if you’re interested in hiking Runyon Canyon and making your way up to the actual Hollywood Sign then you’re a quick Uber ride away!



 Other reasons I love the Everly, well their rooms are modern, spacious, and gorgeous! You’ll be so comfortable that you might not want to leave! But trust me, you should so that you can go out and see the sights!


The Everly is a short 5 minute walk from the Walk of Fame, where I found MC’s star!



Once you’ve hit the Walk of Fame you are a stone’s throw from other landmarks, such as the Chinese Theater!



Or the famed Dolby Theater!

There are a ton of other things you can stop by and see in this area, or if you feel like you’ve seen everything you need then the good news is that you’re right by the metro! I decided to use the metro a lot because it is super cheap (an unlimited day pass is literally $7) and you can get to Downtown LA (DTLA) in around 15 minutes.



I left Hollywood and ventured to EKO Eats for some lunch! It is an awesome fast casual Korean restaurant and definitely worth checking out if you’re in DTLA!



And since you’re already in DTLA I would recommend checking out some of the landmarks there, such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall!



Which is conveniently across the street from the Broad Museum, which is free! Quick note, the Broad is amazing and a great museum. The main exhibit is free but they have guest exhibits that you can pay to view, as well as a Kusama exhibit that usually has quite a long wait time, so get there early.

Another note in general, LACMA is probably the most famous museum in LA. However, make sure you plan your visit. THEY ARE CLOSED ON WEDNESDAYS, which I did not know. So I sadly didn’t make it on this trip.



But back to the Broad, which is a great museum in and of itself. They have a great mixture or art from various periods and you’ll definitely be entertained.



This is easily one of the most famous pieces in the museum. Just be patient if you want to get a photo with it.



And this is another piece that I know I had seen in the news. Definitely an interesting one. Can’t say I fully understand it, but people seem to love it!



You can spend a solid 1-2 hours at The Broad, after which you’re in a great spot if it is around dinner time! There are a ton of great restaurants/bars/coffee shops around this area.

We finished exploring the museum and decided to walk around a bit more then head to dinner at Plan Check!

Plan Check has a couple of locations around the city, but since we were downtown we went to their DTLA spot. Of course, we started off with some cocktails, which they are absolutely winning right now!



And from there had some of their other best selling dishes! Pictured above is the calamari, but I would also strongly advise trying their fried chicken sandwich and doughnut holes for dessert! They were both so good that we forgot to take photos of them because we were ravenous!

From there, we had a few drinks at some of DTLA’s top bars and went back to the Everly for some much needed rest!



After a fantastic, and well deserved, night’s sleep I awoke and started to make moves to head to Santa Monica because no trip to Cali is complete without going to the beach!



Getting to Santa Monica from the Everly is super easy, you can call an uber that is around $20 and a 30 minute trip, or there are subway options!

However you decide on getting there you will be greeted by the gorgeous waves and Santa Monica Pier!



I personally love the pier, but a lot of people don’t. I’d recommend walking the pier to the end and maybe ride a few rides or play a game or two. BUT I don’t think that you should eat on the pier! Trust me, there are a ton of much better restaurants that you can enjoy around the area.



Or you can do what I did and head over to Venice Beach! It’s a bit of a walk, but if you want to walk along the beach it can be really relaxing. Or again you can take like an 8 minute uber.

These are the famed Venice Beach canals, which are right by the Venice Beach Skate Park, Muscle Beach, and all the other good stuff that Venice Beach is known for!



I really do love Santa Monica and think it is almost a must visit when you’re in LA, especially when the weather is nice. You can work on your tan, have some great food, and really unwind and relax.



So that was pretty much my second day. I made it a total beach day. Then I went out that night with a few friends and went to an industry party, met some moderately famous people, so I felt very LA.


The next morning I woke up and had a lot of work to do, not so fun but when you’re doing it from the Everly it isn’t nearly as bad!


Their restaurant/cafe made me a delicious breakfast and supplied me with all the coffee I could ever need. Plus, their lobby space is always lively and bustling, which makes for an entertaining space to send some emails.



But what I really loved was working by their stunning rooftop pool! They have a ton of space so you can really spread out and make yourself at home! I have to say that besides the view from my room this was my favorite part of the hotel!



When I finished wrapping up those ever important emails, I had to head back downtown for some meetings. One of them took place at Grand Central Market, a huge food hall right in DTLA. This sign pretty much says it all since you can find basically anything you want.

I found a stand that sold tacos for $3.50 each, which were actually more like burritos. I got two of them and could barely finish my first one!



After that I met up for my second and third meeting of the day, which left me feeling antsy afterwards. But the good news was that I was right by The Last Bookstore, a massive bookstore in DTLA that might be one of the best bookstores I’ve been to in my life. It is actually even better than the Strand in NYC! I could have stayed their all day and explored their collection of rare books, or their seemingly endless sections of varying types of literature!



After I basically forced myself to leave I returned to the Everly so I could change for dinner/party time that night, as well as finish up some work!


I was all suited up in Express and was ready for a fantastic dinner!


This dinner was at Roku on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood, which is a great area for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, clubs, shopping, etc.


 I cannot stop raving about this place! First, their mixology scene is top notch! Literally every drink I had was delicious and I could have stayed there sampling everything for the entire night!



 The menu is modern Japanese and perfect for sharing several small plates. I would highly recommend if you go in to try a mixture of hot and cold plates.



 But my biggest recommendation, besides trying as many of the drinks as you can, is to get this dessert! I can’t remember what it is called but just ask for the cake inside a giant cloud of cotton candy and they’ll know what you’re talking about! They LIGHT IT ON FIRE to burn away the cotton candy and from there get to eat the delicious cake and ice cream hidden inside!



After dinner it was time to hit the town! There are so many different spots in LA that it’s hard to pick, but literally you can’t go wrong. We stopped at a few bars then made our way to another industry party! After that it was time for a few clubs! It was a late night but well worth it!


And with that, my trip to LA concludes! I was running around town doing more the next day for additional meetings, some networking, and grabbing lunch/coffee with some people that I had to see. I took a red eye that night and arrived back home at 6 in the morning… Advice, don’t take red eyes from LA. Just in general, not fun.


Besides that, I loved being in LA! I was shocked by how much I like the city and could see myself living there, some day.





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