Here We Go with Andiamo Luggage


Andiamo is Italian for “Here we go!” And as a person who is half Italian, it’s a travel motto that is kept in mind during any trip!


As you all know, I’m a full-time strategy consultant who travels constantly for work, the normal consultant schedule is travel from Monday through Thursday every week. However, I also have the travel bug outside of work, I’m about to leave for an incredible 20 day trip. So when you travel as much as I do you really value the pieces that you bring on your adventures, and nothing is more important than the bag that you choose to carry with you. For me, I’ve been using Andiamo Luggage and their Classico suitcase for a lot of my trips these days.



This suitcase is my favorite carry-on at the moment for a plethora of reasons! First, is the overall look of the suitcase. To me, it really has that classic look the references back to the “golden days of travel” when it was almost equally about the journey as it was the destination. Second, the quality is really top-notch! The materials that the suitcase is constructed from are world class and because of this I know that the suitcase’s durability will never be put into question.


Then of course there is my favorite feature, the built in USB port! For me, when I’m traveling my phone is one of the most important things that I have with me, 9 times out of 10 it’s what I keep my boarding passes on and the rest of my travel itineraries, so making sure that it is always charged is key. Where Andiamo Luggage comes in is that it enables me to always have my phone charged, or at least know that I have a charge available no matter what.


For all you consultants out there, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Andiamo Luggage and making them your next luggage investment, trust me it is worth it! But even if you’re not a c0nsultant, this luggage is really ideal for travelers of all kind.




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