Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City or Bust

You all know I love NYC! It is easily one of my favorite places in the world, for a multitude of reasons, however, sometimes you just need a break from the hustle and bustle!


There are several options for weekend trips from the city, the Hamptons, the Catskills, Cape Cod, Manchester, Newport, etc. However, one spot I had yet to go to and is so easy to get to is Atlantic City! Everyone knows Atlantic City and it really was the perfect spot for us to visit for a weekend trip.


It’s the ideal spot to get away from the city, eat amazing food, play some games, and totally let your hair down. And that is exactly what we did! For our first stay in town we were hosted by the newly renovated Hard Rock Hotel & Casino! The renovations look amazing and make it the most recently re-done hotel in Atlantic City!



There are two towers with rooms on this property, and you really can’t go wrong with either one! The views are more dependent on the type of room you get, we got an ocean view and were at least 20 stories up if I remember correctly. All the rooms are well equipped, super modern, and so so comfortable! I’m talking amazing beds and some of the best sleep I’ve had in ages!



But we aren’t talking about sleep now! We are talking about a fun-filled weekend! We dropped our things off in the room and began to explore the boardwalk! The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is directly across from a lovely pier that features several carnival games, rides, and even helicopter tours! We partook in some and continued to walk to the other portions of the Boardwalk. After we thoroughly explored the area we decided to head back to the hotel and get ready for dinner and a night out!


One of the hottest clubs in the area is actually right in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, DAER Nightclub. It hosts some of the hottest acts, such as J. Cole while we were there and as I write this I check out their website and see that Travis Scott will be there on December 1st! Needless to stay we had an amazing night, full of wonderful cocktails and tons of dancing!



We all decided (and by decided I mean just did bc party party the night before) to sleep in. I actually awoke at a reasonable hour and decided to partake in Hard Rock’s new Rock Om program! It’s part of the Sound Body program at Hard Rock, which promotes a holistic approach to healthy living with music at its core! There are different yoga video paths you can take (I went with Zen) and decided to partake in Rock Om in the awesome new gym on property!


I felt completely rejuvenated afterwards and was so ready for a fun day! It was a bit too chilly to actually lay out on the beach so instead we simply walked along it for a bit. After that we checked out a restaurant on the Boardwalk for lunch then decided to check out a few of the other casinos so we could try our luck! I don’t really gamble very often (literally have no idea how to play poker) but I do enjoy a good game of Blackjack! Roulette and slots can also be fun, but my preferred game is definitely Blackjack! After some excitement (and maybe some wins, maybe some losses, I’ll never tell) it was time to return to the room and get ready for dinner and night out #2!



Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has a fabulous mixture of restaurants on property grounds, so they will surely have a spot that is exactly what you’re looking for! We opted for Kuro, which is a new style Japanese restaurant that has an extensive collection of Japanese Whiskey, fresh seafood, and creative pairings!



In short, dinner was amazing! We spent at least 2 1/2 hours being treated to a wide range of wonderful dishes and didn’t have to make a single decision while we were there. The dining program at Kuro does a wonderful job of creating dishes that suit your palate, if you would so like, which basically eliminates the need to make the tough decision of what dish to order (since there are so many that sound appetizing and you’ll surely want to try all of them)!



No meal at a Japanese steakhouse (of sorts) would be complete without some Wagyu beef! This contraption, featured above, is designed to keep your meat warm during the entire time you’re eating without cooking it any further since wagyu is best enjoyed rare to medium rare!



The other huge component of Kuro is their fresh seafood program. Sashimi is one of my favorite things in Japanese cuisine and I was blown away by the freshness that this restaurant provided! Admittedly, they are very close to an ocean so they have access to some local seafood, however, they also go above and beyond in order to bring in the freshest seafood that isn’t available in the region.

We wrapped up an amazing dinner at Kuro with some desserts, sorry not pictured since we ate them in all of 10 seconds, and departed to hit the town!



Our last night out and about was pretty wonderful! It featured a mixture of club and casino hopping and of course ended at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the spot where I was actually the luckiest!


The next morning we checked out and I began to make my way back to NYC. It’s a super short trip, under two hours by bus/train, and I was back in a flash. This got me thinking that I had to come back since it’s so close! We had such a fun stay I could totally see myself heading back down with friends for a similar kind of weekend trip! And when I do we had such a great stay with Hard Rock Hotel & Casino that it is going to be the first spot that I book!




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