Halloween in Copenhagen (Only a Few Months Late)


It is quite clear that I am behind on my blog posts, but all the way in October seems to be pretty bad… As a result, I’m hoping to catch up to the present date as soon as possible but I think that may take a while. So bear with me because it will definitely be worth it!



Halloween isn’t necessarily my favorite holiday in the world, however, it is a big deal at Chapel Hill. I’m sure many of you have heard of the craziness that ensues on Franklin Street every year in October when more than 20,000 people arrive in costume to parade around and participate in some revelry!



Being on Franklin Street really is an experience and not being present for it made me feel some major FOMO. Luckily, I was not alone and my fellow UNC GLOBErs were right there with me. We did decide though to make it feel a bit like home and carve some pumpkins to get into the spirit!



This is the specific pumpkin that my good friend Hailey and I carved for this year. We think it accurately paid homage to one of the things we love most about Copenhagen; our wine!



We both thought that it turned out quite well and had to have a glass to celebrate our success!



And of course no Halloween is complete without some candy! I made a major run to easily one of my favorite places in Copenhagen called Candy Megastore to stock up on all my favorites for the holiday. It’s actually quite interesting how passionate the Danish people are about their candy, but hey I’m not complaining because that means a better selection for me!



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