Guys & Girls Favorite Fall Trends ft. Emsies


Hello friends and happy fall! To be fair, it has definitely been fall for a while, but since I’ve been crazy busy I haven’t been able to post about fall fashion for guys. Until now! And as an added bonus, I’ve collaborated with a good friend of mine Emily, the brain behind both Emsies and Atlanta for the Young! Check out her blog here



 We got the opportunity to shoot with the very talented Kelley Raye (check out her website for the link and then check out her Insta here) and had the best of time at one of the coolest places to shoot in Atlanta, The Goat Farm! P.S. they shot part of the Hunger Games here! Basically, I look like someone from the Capitol came on down to District 12 for a visit.



This space was really cool and as you can see featured these random filing cabinets. Truly, there were some great backdrops at the location and it was the perfect setting for this fall themed shoot.



 And now, it’s time for me to talk about the falls trends that I wanted to focus on Boots and Burgundy!



 So first is boots. But to be honest we all know that boots aren’t a trend. They’ve been hot in men’s fashion for years on years on years, but since they’re such a mainstay they are always worth talking about. I’m wearing this great pair of boots from Ralph Lauren that have seen me through many a trip during my time abroad and even made a cameo at London Fashion Week! These black boots can go with pretty much any outfit and here is a pair from Ralph Lauren that is pretty similar. I would definitely consider investing in a solid pair of boots that will get you through the fall and winter if you don’t have a go to pair.



The rest of my outfit I am literally all about, and you should be too if you’re interested in keeping up on the latest fall trends. Next we can talk about the burgundy pants I’ve chosen for this shoot from J. Crew! Here is a pair from Topman that is also a slim fit in burgundy. This is a prime color for the fall and can be paired with a wide spectrum of pieces. I personally prefer the fit of J. Crew’s chinos because Topman’s slim fit are definitely more on the skinny side and my thighs are on the more “athletic side” so pants always fit differently.



 The other components that make up my outfit are the sick blazer and from ASOS, which I am literally in love with. It’s got a prime pattern with a bold black and white checker (Check out ASOS right now for their 20% off sale). I personally go for more classic pairings when you are letting pattern and color take the lead, for instance with this outfit the bold jacket and the color of the pants are the statement makers while the shirt and tie are on the simpler side.



The tie I chose is black with a sort of diamond weave pattern and is from Tommy Hilfiger. Here is a similar tie from Calvin Klein that you can pick up at Belk. It has a similar texture and pattern and is muted enough to pair with bold patterns.



The tie clip that I’m rocking is from Wurkin Stiffs and the silver flower lapel pin is from Peacock Lapels. Love both of these pieces and if you want to elevate your style game definitely consider pieces from these two brands!



 And for all the ladies out there I have to cover what my good friend Emily is wearing! She is all about this neck tie dress that she got from ASOS, which has a really interesting play on neckwear that is more typical for men. I’m personally a huge fan and I think ASOS has made great strides in terms of their offerings and quality! And of course we have to mention her killer black booties that are from Franco Sarto! They’re a great shoe for women to wear during the fall that look both stylish and are actually practical for colder weather.



The last piece of this post are the killer sunglasses that I’m rocking. This pair is from Smoke & Mirrors, which is a new brand I’ve discovered and I love! Here’s why. The glasses that they make are unique and unlike any other brands that I’ve encountered! For example, the pair I’m wearing are from their Sodapop collection. They do a bunch of collab collections which is why they keep their styles constantly fresh! They also do optical lenses if you’re looking for a pair of prescription glasses!


I hope that you all enjoyed the post! I think the shots turned out amazing and I’m so glad I got to work with Emily and Kelley. Be sure to check out their pages everyone!




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