Gearing Up for the Holidays with Basic Invite


Can you believe that it is already September?!?!?!? This year is really flying by and before you know it Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be here!

One of my favorite things about the holiday season are the holiday cards! My family always sends out holiday cards and I love the tradition of it and how it allows you to stay in touch with so many people that you’ve met during the different stages of life.

A company that I love using, and so does my family, is Basic Invite! They really are standouts from other companies out there, and I’ve loved every card that we have created when using them.



We are fans for a few reasons. First, is that they allow you to order a sample of your card before placing your full order. That way if you accidentally mess something up, which can definitely happen, or the design just doesn’t look exactly like you want it to you can notice it when you’re actually holding the card and make changes from there. Another fun feature that they have are extremely extensive color options! They actually have over 180 different color options for the various elements of your card, which is way more than I’ve seen on a lot of other sites. You know it is all about the little details when you’re sending things like this out, so it is really great how many options Basic Invite gives you.



Another thing that I love about Basic Invite is how easy and intuitive the overall process is. Sometimes, other card services can be shockingly complicated and the photo upload process can be daunting. But from my experiences with Basic Invite it is super easy to go through the process. Honestly, if you have your concept in mind and know exactly which photos you want to use you could finish your order in 10 minutes! This is pretty crazy when I know my family and I have spent at least an hour or two making our holiday christmas cards the past few years.



Another fun, and differentiating, feature of Basic Invite is the envelope colors that are available. I know other companies offer a few different envelope colors, but when you’re sending out something like business Christmas cards it can be so helpful to stand out from all the other holiday mail that people are getting if you throw in a nice pop of color.

And I’m obviously nerding out now, but you’re able to use Basic Invite’s address capturing service where you can share a link on your social channels to request your friends and family’s addresses. They can then store this info in your account for later cards you’d like to send out! Isn’t this so handy! I mean you no longer have to keep following up with people again and again for their addresses. I literally love this feature!



So friends. Moral of the story, I highly recommend trying out Basic Invite for all your holiday card needs this year! As extra incentive they are offering 15% off right now if you use this code: 15FF51

It is never too late to have your holiday cards ready! I’ll be using them to send out printed Christmas cards this year, which have the option of choosing foil cards! If you’ve seen or gotten foil holiday cards then you know how great these can look! Basic invite has their in gold, silver, and rose gold (in flat and raised foil) so all your bases are covered.

Check out their website, which I have linked throughout this post, and let me know if you have any questions!

Happy early holidays everyone! Maybe you’ll get a Christmas card from me this year 🙂



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