Fun in La Fortuna


Welcome to La Fortuna! The famed area in Costa Rica that features stunning waterfalls, active volcanoes, and hanging suspension bridges! Needless to say this is an active area, but don’t worry you can still get your fair share of relaxation when you stop by the volcanic thermal hot springs that are all over this area!



Once again, we were hosted by Selina properties in La Fortuna, which turned out to be another lovely stay! This La Fortuna is interesting again because it features all of the usual conveniences that come with staying at Selina, great food, pools, location, etc., but a unique feature of this one is that there are actually teepees that you can camp out and sleep in! Now don’t worry, these teepees come fully equipped with electricity, so it is basically glamping!



We did not do the teepees. Instead, we opted for their deluxe rooms featuring king beds, record players, a desk, etc. Loved the property and we spent out first night by the pool while we explored the other two days we were in town.



That next day we began our nature adventures! Day 1 of La Fortuna nature consisted of rainforest and some suspended hanging bridges, as well as  a hike to the viewpoint where you can best see the La Fortuna volcano. The hanging brides are literally suspended, super shaky, and honestly pretty awesome. On this tour we also got the chance to see more wildlife in this area, which included sloths, monkeys, bugs, etc.



The hanging bridges are actually in a different park than the volcano hike, so we took a bus over after we finished exploring the park and began our volcano hike after we stopped for lunch. The hike to the viewpoint was around a 1 hour hike, not too physically demanding, but I would make sure to have rain gear or a poncho with you since storms come and go pretty frequently in this area.



After this tour we returned to Selina and spent the rest of the day exploring the town since Selina is pretty much in the heart of the area. There are a ton of fun bars and restaurants in the downtown section, so I would highly recommend exploring the area! One of my favorite things about this town was the “Sodas” that are scattered around the town. So these aren’t sodas the drink but instead sodas are local eateries with very authentic and cheap  food! We went to a different soda pretty much every night, as well as some of the various bars around the city.


The next day was our tour of the La Fortuna waterfall and hot springs, which lasted for most of the day.



The waterfalls are one of the most popular things to do in La Fortuna and I truly did enjoy this, more so than the hanging bridges in all honesty. We hiked to the waterfall and were given free time to explore the area and also enjoy the waterfall and go swimming. So the water was fairly cold, not gonna lie, but once you got in there it felt nice and you adjusted.



From there it was lunch time, which consisted of a local farm to table feast and some of the most delicious watermelon juice that I’ve had in recent memory.


Once we were done with lunch we made our way to the hot springs. Now, there are several hot spring choices that you can visit when you’re in La Fortuna, for various prices of course. However, I would highly recommend going for Eco Termales, which is touted as being the most luxurious of the hot springs. And I can definitively tell you that it is NICE. Like so nice we didn’t want to leave after being there for 4+ hours. They provide you with a locker, towel, and really anything else you could ever need. There are both cold and hot pools to maximize your relaxation, as well as 2 different bars you can visit. With our package dinner was included. This featured both a la carte choices, as well as a buffet. We were very glad that we chose this hot springs since we heard not great things about the cheaper option we were given.


La Fortuna treated us super well and was more or less our last stop in Costa Rica. From here we would return to San Jose and fly over to Guatemala City to continue the second part of this month long journey!



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