Fredkrisborg Palace

Another day, another palace! In Denmark there are several beautiful palaces that you can visit, some in Copenhagen and some outside of the city, and Fredriksborg Palace is easily my favorite!



In my opinion this is the prettiest palace in Denmark (A bold statement I know)! But it has amazing gardens, an awesome fountain system (that unfortunately wasn’t running because it only does in the spring and summer), and a gorgeous interior!



This castle is outside of Copenhagen city but it a simple (kind of) bus ride away. It does take a bit of time to get there, but it makes for a wonderful day trip! The town where the castle is is just big enough to have small town charm but there is also enough to keep you entertained once you are finished with the castle.



I believe that this palace was used partially as a summer palace for the Danish Royal Family. And it is not too shabby. I would definitely spend my summer here, just saying.



It is important to keep in mind though that there is a fee to see the inside of the palace and see the exhibits. However, we did not do that and instead simply walked around the grounds and the gardens. Personally, I think that the gardens are the best part and I don’t necessarily think it’s worth paying the entrance fee to the museum unless you are very interested.



Like I said the gardens are really the highlight!



Imagine in the summer when this entire thing is full of water and blooming flowers! It must be truly magical!



But after our day at the castle we also made a stop at a new bar! Mikkeller and Friends is a famous beer bar in Copenhagen (not my favorite drink type but it’s good to try new things)! They have a very large selection of beers and great deals on samplers so you can try as many as you want!



Another great thing about Mikkeller’s is that the selection they have is constantly changing! They get in new kinds of beer all the time and continually switch them out to give their customers something new! However, they keep the classics available so if you aren’t feeling adventurous they’ve still got you covered.




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