Feeling Presidential with 41 Hundred Restaurant and Lounge

 Raleigh is becoming more and more hip these days and this can be seen in the numerous new restaurants popping up left and right. This is great for the growth of the city and is part of the reason more and more people are flocking to the Triangle to work, live, study, start businesses, etc.


However, with all this noise it can be hard to pick out the best new places to try out! Well that’s what Joseph is here to do for all of you! As you know, I travel a lot for work and love food. Additionally, I think I have a knack for finding the best new and established spots in the cities I visit. So, without further ado I bring you the restaurant, and hotel, that treated me to an amazing weekend!


Welcome to 41 Hundred, my new go-to spot for bites, drinks, and desserts in Raleigh! It really has it all, along with a chic environment and great location in the heart of North Hills. It has easy access to the various areas where most Raleigh folks will go out for the later hours, as well as being directly next to one of the most popular events of the summer, Beach Music every Thursday. It is housed in the gorgeous Renaissance Raleigh North Hills Hotel and has something for anytime of day that you’re looking for.




 We came in on a Thursday night, so we could have some fun at Beach Music, and decided to have small plates/dinner before we went to dance our worries away to some live music! 41 Hundred has pretty much any appetizer you could ask for, as well as dinner options if you’re feeling a little hungrier. Some highlights for me: the oxtail poutine (sick flavors in this dish), the nachos (I can’t go anywhere without getting nachos these days), and the tuna poke (so in right now)!




The amazing people I collaborated with at Renaissance and 41 Hundred were nice enough to house me in the presidential suite (I know right) for my stay! Talk about a gorgeous room and living my best life! After our dinner we went up to the room to change for Beach Music and were welcomed by this great little gift basket from the hotel!




 This gift basket was lovely but we were so distracted by the massive room and gorgeous interior (low key wish this would be my future apartment in NYC) that I had to come back to opening it later!
The room had a full kitchen, dining room, two balconies, a massive (and beautiful) bathroom, sitting room, and was just all together wonderful!



 I was all about the aesthetics of this place and was just drooling to shoot some photos in the room!



So I did! The living room/dining area was really ideal and it was great I brought some wild outfits because the craziness and grandeur fit right in! The shoes here are brought to you by Giorgio Brutini, y’all know I love a smoking slipper.



  But this jacket is really the showstopper, as you can tell! This is custom made Suitopia and WOW! So, I’ve worked with Suitopia before and their stuff is amazing! It really brings custom made to a digital age level. You don’t even have to go in for a fitting and yet you still get a perfect fit every time. This jacket has major bling, a shiny gold fabric that is Asian inspired, and I’m all about it. It’s obviously a lot to deal with so make sure you wear it with solid colors and some confidence.



After a brief photo shoot we went back down to Beach Music for some good times and even better vibes. Then decided to hit the town for a little while longer. Quick note though, I did not wear this jacket out! I’m thinking I’ll save it for a special occasion, not just a Thursday night.




But these desserts at 41 Hundred that we had when we got back to the Renaissance are perfect for ANY occasion! They’re know for their hot cheesecake, which I’d definitely never had before, and homemade ice cream. If you go, definitely try the cheesecake and my personal favorite flavor of ice cream was Cherry Brick Road, but they usually have at least 6 seasonal flavors to choose from.



From there, we called it a night and I had a dream bath/shower in the AMAZING bathroom of our presidential suite. This was followed up by an amazing night’s sleep, from which I awoke to having an ideal working breakfast back at 41 Hundred. Everyone knows I’m a huge granola lover and fresh fruit is really the best way to start any morning for me.




My last meal with 41 Hundred certainly did not disappoint. I love a good eggs Benedict and here we have a crab eggs Benedict that killed the game. The yolks ran perfectly and the views and nature were fantastic.
This was a magnificent experience and everything from the food at 41 Hundred to the room at the Renaissance Hotel North Hills was fantastic! I can’t wait to go back and everyone in the Raleigh area needs to check out the food, drinks, and dessert at 41 Hundred ASAP!




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