Fashion Week with The W New York – Times Square

Another New York Fashion Week: Men’s has passed and I’m exhausted! Of course I had an amazing time attending all the shows, but it is such a marathon that by the end of it you usually just want a rest. But in classic Joseph fashion I powered through so that I could maximize my time in the city! I went out every night this past week so that I could make sure I met as many people and had as many fashion week related experiences as I could get!


I’ll certainly be writing a post about fashion week specifically and all the trends I saw, but first I wanted to talk about where I was able to stay to make my Fashion Week so much easier!


The W Times Square Hotel was my spot during part of Fashion Week and it made my list so much simpler in terms of getting around! The hotel is located right in the hustle and bustle of Times Square, with super convenient subway options mere blocks away, I was able to easily get to my hotel and relax and unwind when I had any down time during my stay!





The rooms are all modern, comfortable, and in my case, featured beautiful views! I relaxed to the max in their ultra comfortable beds for some of the best night sleeps that I’ve had in a while! My room specifically featured a King bed, which I was able to completely sprawl out on, probably explaining my great night’s sleep!



I was staying on the 52nd floor and the views were just breathtaking and provided so much light to the room. I would unwind each time I got back to the room to change or to take a break and would always find myself just lounging on that chaise right next to the window.


My room was one of the Cool Corner Rooms, which all come with a city view that is similar to this! In New York, height and views are luxuries, so a view like this is really a treat to wake up to and go to sleep with.



This hotel has so much more to offer than just the room though! Thanks to its very central location it is also a great spot to meet up with friends! I invited some of my dear friends over for a round or two of drinks at the Living Room Bar in the lobby of the hotel.


It really is a great spot that features some amazing cocktails, my favorite was the green tea mojito, and modern décor. The bar also brings in live entertainment throughout the week and we were lucky enough to be treated for a show when we went to drinks! It’s crazy how much talent there is in the city, and my favorite performance was without a doubt their rendition of “Empire State of Mind” that reminded me why I fell in love with this city in the first place!



Here is a quick view of the beautiful lobby of the hotel! It is directly next to the Living Room Bar and it also gives you access to a concierge that can help those new to the city with any questions that they might have.


After drinks I went out to go watch Boys in the Band, which was a quick walk from the hotel, and the next day I concluded my wonderful stay with the W Times Square Hotel! I was sad to leave since this was one of my favorite stays I’ve had in the city!


I absolutely loved my stay and highly recommend this spot for anyone visiting New York! I think it is especially great for first time visitors to the city because of its proximity to wonderful attractions, such as Broadway and the last minute tickets booth, as well as the Times Square Station being so close, which means you can get around the city in great time!






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