Express for the Holidays

Happy holidays to everyone! Christmas has officially come and gone, my favorite holiday of the year, but winter is decidedly here. I was home in Raleigh, NC for the holidays and finally got to see my family at home for the first time since I moved to San Francisco!


I personally am a huge fan of the holidays, it is my favorite time of year, for so many reasons. However, one of them is that I love holiday and New Year’s fashion! You get the opportunity to wear a ton of fun patterns, textures, etc. that you unfortunately don’t really get to wear during the rest of the year. Two great places to shop for these holiday looks are Express and Express Factory Outlet, which is where I got the outfit that I wore for Christmas Eve!



This emerald green velvet blazer is the ideal piece for a holiday party, Christmas Mass, or other holiday themed event that you might need to attend during this season. Express also has a ton of great New Year’s themed items that would be great to ring in the new year and new decade! I paired this blazer with some black tuxedo pants and a white turtleneck, which made for a classy and elegant outfit that easily transitioned from Christmas Eve mass, to dinner afterwards, and finally a holiday party! So I really got a lot of use of these various pieces. Even though this blazer is a very seasonal piece, the pants and turtleneck are great for various times of the year, so you can easily balance out your outfits with items that you can use in many occasions!


I would highly recommend checking out Express and Express Factory Outlet for that New Year’s outfit if you’re still on the hunt, especially because they have some really great post Christmas sales going on right now!




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