Day Trip to DC

Hello! Since school has been over I have been so much busier than I planned to be, but really I can’t say that I’m surprised. As we all know I love to keep myself busy and even though I’ve only been out of school for a couple of days (5 I think) I’ve been all over town doing so many errands and things I need to get done. The main thing though was a day trip to DC.



I had to stop in DC to get a student vise that I need for my semester in Copenhagen. Apparently, you are only allowed to do it in either DC or New York and the fam chose DC since it was closer. But we made the trip into a mini tour of the nation’s capital and stopped at a few sites along the way. I’ve been to DC before, but actually haven’t visited since I think I was 10.



Standard pic of the Lincoln Memorial! I actually think this might have been the first time I visited the memorial and even on a random weekday there were still tons of people around. I love US history and seeing this illustrious monument kind of made me feel like I was back in history class and I kind of liked it. Weird but it was a super cool site to see.



My parents accompanied me for this trip and luckily my mom loves pictures maybe more than I do so we snapped pictures non-stop.



Here’s good old Abraham Lincoln. I was extremely tempted to take a selfie but mother convinced me otherwise. Instead, she wanted a proper photo.



And this is one of the few that resulted.



Another angle of me and my good friend Abe.



What I wore was this perfectly springtime button up that my sister surprised me with about a month ago, kind of just out of the blue. But the colors of this shirt are perfect for spring and I thought why not wear it to DC!



I went with a classic pair of khaki pants to pair just because I had to visit the Danish Consulate and I didn’t think it would be appropriate to wear shorts (even though it was HOT).



With that I wore my dark brown Sperrys with contrasting soles.



This outfit was a great thing to wear for the day because even though it was warm these pants are light and airy enough to be comfortable in. Then the button down is made exactly for spring and the colors really popped with the clean lines of the pants.



One of my favorite things I found during the day was finding this block of Italy around the grounds and since I’m half Italian and half Filipino I thought it was necessary to take a pic.



And that was a small picture summary of my awesome day trip to DC. But now to talk briefly about the blog in general. So originally I had thought that once the school year ended I would conclude the blog, but then I had other thoughts. Right now I’m thinking that I will continue with the blog until June 4th or the weekend of June 4th, when my internship with Ernst & Young starts. I will be going until this time, but I won’t be posting everyday. I’ll post every few days and definitely on weekends and then I will conclude with a final weekend post. And that’s the plan and I’m sticking to it!




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