D.C. Round 2

The weekend is almost at an end and I have Game of Thrones to watch to I need to keep this blog post short, but I am going to get it done!



I’ve been in D.C. for the past few days because of visas and permits that I will be needing for the upcoming year. Here is what I wore on the first day of the trip. This Lacoste L!VE polo which is definitely one of the coolest pieces in my wardrobe. You don’t see a lot of items that use color blocking in this way and I am a big fan of Lacoste’s aesthetic.
Along with visiting the Danish consulate I made my way to the National Mall and went around to the major sites that I didn’t get to see that last time I was in town.



And with my polo I wore these green pants, which are a great shade for the spring/summer.



I also wore my Bean Boots, which were a great choice for the beginning of the day. There was torrential rain for the first half of the day, but then the rain went away and it became a gorgeous day in the capital!



This outfit was a great choice for the streets of D.C. where street fashion is a bit more adventurous and bold than what you can usually find in Raleigh.



I had tons of fun on this second trip and made my way to all of the things that I wanted to see and visit.



And at the conclusion of the first day we had a lovely dinner and stayed in an awesome town called Rockville. Not going to lie, Rockville is kind of awesome!



The second day of the trip included brunch and a visit to the Hirshhorn Museum. And this is the outfit that I wore for the second day!



These powder red pants I paired with a navy polo with light blue and white polo stripes. I finished the outfit with my classic brown Sperrys and my tortoise sunglasses.



Oops. Flashback back to the first day. Sorry the pictures are a bit out of order.



I was also able to meet up with one of my dear friends from Chapel Hill who is interning at the Smithsonian for the summer. She joined us for brunch and we stopped at the best gelato place in D.C. called Petango!



The trip was great and I enjoyed being in D.C. again, even though I was there just last week! But I do have to say, now I need to get things in order in Raleigh with my internship fast approaching.




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