Coco Plum Island Resort: A Private Island Paradise

It has been a few weeks since I returned from Central America, and things certainly have not slowed down a bit since I got back stateside. There was a lot of catching up to do, both for my job of course and for my blog, so here we are. Talking about the last part of my Central American adventure! And let me tell you, this part of my trip was EASILY the most relaxing and amazing because of the beautiful and luxurious resort that we stayed at!


Coco Plum Island Resort, the place that I called home for a week, is a Belizean slice of paradise that I will never forget! If you’re looking for one of the most gorgeous, most welcoming, and most fun vacations on your own private island then this is a place that you absolutely must check out!



Coco Plum Island Resort is a private island off the coast of Dangriga Town, a town that is south of Belize City. My journey to arrive in paradise was a little harder than the typical person who would be coming to Coco Plum Island Resort, but I think that the difficult journey made my time there that much more special!


For me, I had to take another shuttle for about 4 1/2 from Flores, Guatemala where I had to cross the border by getting out of the bus, going through customs, and waiting around for about an hour for our shuttle to leave again. From there, I was dropped off in Belmopan, the capital of Belize, where I had to catch another 1 hour bus to get to Dangriga Town. Then I had to wait for other people arriving from Belize City at the airport in Dangriga Town before we took the 20 minutes boat ride out to our private island paradise. Quick note, this lengthy route was completely on me. It was the most efficient way to get to Coco Plum Island Resort from where I was. However, for most people who would travel to the resort it is super easy! You land in Belize City and take a quick 25 minute plane ride, which is actually really fun, to Dangriga Town and are quickly ushered into the lovely Coco Plum Shuttle.



Anyways, harrowing journey aside, we got on the boat and after 25 minutes pulled up to the most stunning island I had seen on this trip! We were in shock and awe that this whole place was for us to explore, along with the other guests of course.



We were dropped off at the pier and our bags were quickly brought to our room while the lovely staff brought us immediately to lunch! We took our welcome drinks and made our way over to the restaurant that overlooked the water. Wait, everything on this island overlooks the water!



Now sadly, my blog website is being very irritating with what pictures it will and will not let me upload, so the photos here don’t represent everything that there was to do while at Coco Plum. Once we finished lunch we returned to our room where our bags we waiting for us. The island contains a total of 18 cabanas and really is so private that you can hardly see the other cabanas from your room. There is one overwater cabana that can house up to 6 people and the entire island is available to be rented out, which people definitely do!



Our first day basically consisted of walking around and exploring the island, taking photos, and going to get bar snacks, which are served everyday between 4 and 6pm.



And of course we laid out on the various day beds, as well as the extended pier that has a pagoda at each of the three outposts that are situated on the water. Dinner starts serving at 6pm and I believe last call is 8pm. Then the bar stays open to at least 11 (but usually longer since everyone hangs out for a while).



The next day we went on 1 of the 3 excursions that were included in the specific package that we were given for this collab. This included 2 snorkeling excursions and one land excursion. They typically do this based on days so there is a ziplining/cave/tubing excursion that we did, as well as a Mayan Ruin excursion that we were not able to do. The snorkeling sessions take you to different areas each day that you go and will also focus on finding different species of marine life.



Lunch is provided on each of the excursions, and the minute we returned each day we were greeted by a different drink! I would highly recommend the frozen mojito, pictured above, which was the perfect balance of refreshing, yet so so minty! Delicious either way! I drank a few too many of these while I was on the island!



It’s really hard to do this island complete justice because of how truly incredible it is! I’ve stayed at many resorts in my life, but this one was so unique and special for several reasons. First, there is the fact that you’re literally on a private island. We felt so many times that we were the only ones on the island. The island is small enough that you can explore every inch of it, but since there were only 5 other cabanas occupied while we were there we really got the sense of tranquility and privacy. Second, the food and drink were wonderful! Every meal we had was delicious and they made their menus unique and varied so you never felt like you were eating the same thing or got bored with the menu. Often those large resorts have food that is uninspired, however, the food here was cooked with love and you can tell! Third, is the staff! Every single person at Coco Plum was so friendly, caring, and genuinely interested in you and you having the best vacation possible! The service levels were wonderful and they did their utmost to help you enjoy your stay. Fourth, the excursions were really great and amazing ways to keep you entertained. But you also don’t have to do these if you just want to enjoy the island!



Coco Plum Island Resort was such a magical place and I am so glad that I found them and was able to work with them to create such beautiful content!


This place is truly magical and one of a kind! People who visit have been coming back for years (there is one family who has come back over 20 times) and it is because of how amazing this place is! Whether you are an outdoorsy nature lover or simply a person trying to relax and catch some rays, Coco Plum Island Resort caters to you and makes sure you have the trip of a lifetime!


Like they say on this little island paradise, you arrive a stranger but you leave family! And the Coco Plum Island family will always love to welcome you back and give you another glorious vacation!



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