Behold the Birthday Suit


So. Let’s talk about this suit! As many of you know, I recently turned 24. I always go pretty big for my birthday (yes, I turned my birthday into a lifestyle) and this year was no exception! I didn’t specifically blog about my birthday because y’all know me (kind of private-ish), but I got a ton of questions about this suit and figured that it deserved a blog post!



For my actual birthday I spent it in Raleigh with my family. You know that I love getting dressed up, so this suit was the perfect bold statement to ring in 24! It is a red floral jacquard suit from ASOS, which I’ve linked. I’m a huge fan of a bold printed suit and this one was just perfect. First, it is red my power color of choice. Second, the pattern is amazing! It’s hard to find a good floral jacquard these days, and honestly I think ASOS has some great suit patterns (and some not so great) but I loved this one!



I paired a solid white shirt, solid black tie, minimal accessories (simple watch, tie clip, and pocket square) because this suit really does all the talking that this outfit needs to do. The last component were my suede double monk shoes in black to round out the look. On the actual day of my birthday I went around town in this suit, and if you know Raleigh it is a great but small city. It is very Southern and people don’t usually walk around on a Monday in attention grabbing looks like this. So it goes without saying that I got a lot of stares (but also a lot of compliments, so I’m glad people liked it).



So that’s basically my post. I love this suit and wanted to share it again and be a little more in depth about it. We live in the age of bold prints and fashion choices, so my advice for guys out there is to take a chance on a bold suit and just go for it! Another great part about this suit is that it can really easily be worn as separates. You can really easily pair these pants with a solid white or black t-shirt or button down for a solid night out outfit. Then the jacket can be worn by itself in a similar way. The main thing you need to do when wearing pieces like this is to keep the rest of the look nice and simple since the jacket or pants are already so loud.



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