Bali through a Different Lens

As much as I love the beach and wondrous resorts I didn’t want to spend all my time there and miss out on the other things that Bali has to offer. As a result, for my third day in Indonesia I decided that I would go and visit Kuta, which is typically the main area that people stay in Bali if they are backpackers or travelers not looking for a resort experience. Kuta beach is known for being crowded and where a lot of fun is so I was excited to check out the scene for myself.



Kuta is also home to the main shopping area of Bali and I decided that I would do a mixture of beach, shopping, and culture while I was there.



I hopped around from the beach to the mall throughout the day so I could get a little sun and a little fun. This is the pathway that leads to one of the many entrances of this notorious beach!



During one of my visits to the numerous malls that Kuta has to offer I indulged in some delicious bubble tea! Luckily for my aunt and I it was buy one get one tea (what a deal!) and we were super pleased! As we all know I love bubble tea and was surprised to fund such a good cup in Bali!



This particular mall also had a rooftop garden where we decided to have a picnic of sorts so that we wouldn’t get the lunch that our hotel packed us all sandy.



We also decided that it would be very necessary to visit the memorial for the Bali Bombings to pay our respects.



And when we had done that we made our way back to the beach for the famous Kuta sunset!



It most certainly did not disappoint!



I also think that it is worth mentioning this was one of the only days where it rained in ¬†Bali. Technically, we went during the “wet season” but it can be very hit or miss. In this instance it rained for about 10 minutes and then was gorgeous weather for the rest of the day!



So gorgeous in fact that it gave us this awe-inspiring sunrise!





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