A Few of My Favorite Things

Today my post will center around some of my favorite things: modern art and castles! Copenhagen has a large amount of both and my trip for the day took me to Louisiana, Copenhagen’s premier modern art gallery, and Hamlet’s Castle.



Louisiana is outside of Copenhagen and on the way to Hamlet’s castle, which makes pairing these two together for a day trip a wonderful idea! The art gallery has constantly changing art from all around the world, but also has one of the best collections of purely Danish art that you’ll be able to find in the country.



This room specifically was one of my favorites! It was highly reminiscent of a piece that I saw in the Irish Museum of Modern Art but on a much larger scale. Literally, this is a huge space filled with rocks of varying sizes and a man made river. The magnitude of this piece is impressive in itself and it is a true feat of the gallery!



Another great part about this museum is its proximity to the beach. I’m sure that it is beautiful during the summer when the sun actually makes an appearance. However, on the day we went it was rainy and bleak…



But even with this weather there was an undeniable charm about the location. It very much reminded me of a scene out of Lemony Snicket’s novel “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”



Once we finished our tour of the museum we continued to Hamlet’s Castle. This isn’t actually the proper name of the castle, but it has rose to international acclaim because it is the castle which Shakespeare based Hamlet’s castle on in the play.



The iconic scene where the ghost appears to Hamlet was inspired by this exact location. It was very cool, especially as an English major and Shakespeare fan, to be able to visit the place that inspired one of the best writers to have ever lived!



Another plus is that at the castle they have quite a wide selection of Shakespearean memorabilia that you can pick up once you finish exploring the castle. This nifty t-shirt is just one of many possibilities!



Now this trip overall is pretty lengthy so before you head back to Copenhagen I also recommend stopping at one of the cafes nearby for a quick break. One in particular has amazing hot chocolate and it is conveniently on the castle grounds!



This is a part of the gallery. Truly beautiful and extremely tranquil. And that is actually the view from the window, not a painting!



Easily one of my favorite pieces of the day! Love my wine and my art.



Good friends and great places!



Near Hamlet’s Castle is a counterpart to The Little Mermaid that is found in the heart of Copenhagen. This is the Little Merman. And as you can tell we were once again underwhelmed by it.



But we did love the day overall! This is another great way to spend a day in Denmark if you want to get out of the biggest city in the country!




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